How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety?

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I want to share with you some ways how you can probably overcome depression and anxiety. Well, I'm not going to tell you what to do but I just want to share with you the daily habbits I have to fight depression and anxiety just in case it's something that will benefit you and I also look forward to learning from you. So if you know anything and have personal experiences that I won't mention right here, please feel free to leave a comment.

First of all, if I hit my knees in the morning when I get up, I pray. Now I want you to know that when I say the word prayer I don't want you to be intimidated because I'm not necessarily talking about praying to a Christian God or anything specific culture belief system but I'm more talking about getting outside yourself. I think by just putting it to the universe that you need help and you need guidance, you're are therefore looking for strength. It sorts of invokes the sense that you're not doing it alone which usually puts you in a place of feeling like you're going at this condition or you're taking on a day which sometimes can seem impossible with help. It's something that I have fought along time that the more I give myself to it, the better I feel and easier to get out of bed and feel that I'm not alone. So if you're desperate enough, I suggest you try this and you can also find incredible meditation practices online if you want to stay away from the word prayer which is totally fine so don't sleep on that.

Secondly, being social everyday can also beat depression. Well, I'm not like saying you go to a giant party with people you don't know but when you're around people that know you, that care about you, that love you and you know, it seem to bring out a better version of you even when you're severely depressed. It could bring some light in you that you thought it's completely deem. I'm often so uncomfortable being around people that I can't imagine doing it but then I spend sometime with people and when I'm done spending time with them, I usually feel grateful that I did. If you spend sometime with a person who understands depression and anxiety, it makes a big difference so don't listen to that voice that tells you to be alone and force yourself because your survival could depend on socializing to activate your recovery from depression.

You should also get involved in doing physical exercises. For me, waking up everyday running around, jumping and lifting weight helped me a lot to fight depression. Everybody by now should know the science behind exercising so it's just a matter of finding something you feel comfortable doing every single day no matter what. A lot of people also rely on motivation in case they want something to get done but you don't need to get motivated to get it done as long as you believe in the act that you are doing. In other words, if you know it's good for you just take your feet and let your brain follow.

Lastly, you also need to eat as healthy as you can. Well, I'm not talking about what you should or shouldn't have but most people can agree with me that diets high in processed foods with simple carbohydrates and added sugars typically are not very good so literally you should find some form of diet that you can stick to because that's something you can control. It's natural to want to eat so as to comfort yourself and I also did it for a long time but it's a downward spiral if it gets itself because it sorts of adds more problems so you should figure out a form of diet that you can stick to.

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