Are People with Schizophrenia Living a Dream?

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People who suffer from schizophrenia live in another world. In general, schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder. The mental disorder affects the entire personality, which is reflected in thinking, feeling and acting. Incorrect information processing in the central nervous system serves as the basis for the disorder. Delusions, motor changes to listlessness, the spectrum of complaints has a lot to offer. There are now therapy options and appropriate medication.

What is meant by schizophrenia?

Surely you have already heard the word schizophrenia, but have you ever considered what is actually behind this disease? Schizophrenia is a profound mental illness. This involves changes in perception, behavior and thoughts. It sometimes happens that a patient suffering from schizophrenia is temporarily unable to distinguish between reality and delusion. The resulting loss of reality is also called psychosis. The victim hears voices and has the feeling of being followed by someone. However, you should not confuse this disease with the cleavage of the personality.

This form is called Dissociative Identity Disorder. Gladly the schizophrenia is confused with the split of the personality. The term schizophrenia comes from the Greek and means ""split soul"". Outsiders can not do much with the condition and look rather frightening. Most people just do not know enough about this disorder. Schizophrenics see things and hear voices that are not there at all. Therefore, they are unpredictable on the environment. Strange movements are not uncommon. Likewise, those affected froze for some time. What ultimately happens in humans, that can only be guessed.

What symptoms do you have to expect from the disease?

It is not possible for the patient to complete logical reasoning. In addition, there is a sudden tearing of thoughts and a massive disturbance of concentration occurs. Hallucinations determine, among other things, the life of the person affected. Voices are heard that are not there at all. Added to this are delusions, which above all ensure that a feeling of persecution arises. Ultimately, the sufferer suffers from a disturbed reality assessment. The severity of the symptoms can be very different.

When can this disease first appear and how is it going?

The disease breaks out approximately between the 15th and 40th year of life. It can be a creeping disease process or schizophrenia occurs suddenly. As a rule, the development of this disease happens in batches. Certain symptoms occur in the early stages of schizophrenia. These include sleep disorders, severe irritability, tension and social withdrawal.

It may happen that these signs persist for several weeks, but can last for years.

It also happens that only one disease phase occurs. However, this course is severe and leads directly into chronic schizophrenia. Other patients are plagued by recurrent schizophrenic episodes, but these disappear due to certain treatments. Schizophrenia triggers fears that add extra stress to the patient. Therefore, the suicide rate is about ten percent. The illness is to be considered individually, therefore, no general prognosis can be made about the course.

How can the disease be investigated and diagnosed?

If there is a suspicion that a person is suffering from schizophrenia, then they have to go to a schizophrenia specialist clinic or a specialist in psychiatry. There are even early detection and treatment centers specializing in treatment. Only after a detailed discussion with the patient the diagnosis is made. There must have been several typical characteristics of the person concerned. Here are the talk of delusions, hallucinations and bizarre postures.

However, the treating physician must be able to rule out other causes such as drug or drug abuse, brain tumors, and other neurological conditions beforehand.

Physical and neurological examinations are therefore in schizophrenia in the diagnostic program. Possible metabolic disorders as well as inflammations can be ruled out via blood tests. In addition, you can also prove by urine and blood tests that there are no drugs or drugs in the body. With a computer or magnetic resonance imaging, you can see if abnormalities in the brain are present. If there is a suspicion of encephalitis, then the cerebrospinal fluid (nerve water) is examined. Accurate testing should also check various brain functions. It is primarily about organizational thinking, memory and ability to concentrate. Other mental illnesses should be excluded by the doctor in advance. For example, depression or a bipolar disorder. Certain questions are incorporated in the initial consultation by the psychiatrist. Can you concentrate badly? Do you hear voices and sounds, even though there are none? Do you think they are being persecuted?

Is schizophrenia curable?

Experts believe that schizophrenia is not curable. Nevertheless, one can keep this disease with a drug treatment or psychotherapy for a long period in check. If, for the most part, there is a positive course, then there are no signs of schizophrenia over a certain period of time. Nevertheless, it should always be remembered that this disease is a chronic disease. In addition, recidivism must be expected.

In the past, the person had to accept a long stay in a psychiatric hospital. However, a lot has happened. About 60 years ago the drug Neuroleptika was introduced. What is currently helping in the treatment of psychosis. Now, after only a few weeks, patients can leave the clinic again and independently shape their lives. Psychotherapeutic treatment of schizophrenia is another important component. With these therapeutic measures a rehabilitation into the ""normal"" life is to be made possible. The affected person should thus return to his usual social network such as work, housing and relationship.

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