The Good Lawyer: who is It?

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One question often arises: where and how to find a good, experienced, professional lawyer?

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“The Good Lawyer: who is It?”

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Unfortunately, a person asks such a question at a time when he is already in trouble and has catastrophically little time. The issue of criminal matters is especially relevant when time solves everything.

How, where, what to find a solicitor dee why? And what is not worth doing. The client-lawyer relationship is primarily a trusting relationship.

The lawyer proposed by the investigator is not good for you.

Never look for conveyancing services on the advice of an investigator. The investigator may say as much as he wants the lawyer recommended by him is the best choice for you, but he is the best choice for the investigator. Such a defender will try to create a few problems as possible for his protege. The assumption that such a lawyer will be able to negotiate with the right people rarely justifies himself. And the risk that the mishandled lawyer will protect other people’s interests is VERY high, which often happens in practice.

Avoid lawyers whose representation is in the court.

The courthouses themselves have rooms in which lawyers work. Just do not flatter yourself; these are not lawyers at court. They are not best friends of judges, and appeal to them does not guarantee absolute success. These human rights activists are just renting a room in the courthouse – to get as many clients as possible.

The court is a very profitable place for a lawyer, and he will try to create a minimum of difficulties for the court so as not to lose it.

Free lawyer is usually a bad lawyer.

One cannot ignore another rather painful topic related to the remuneration of a lawyer. By law, you are required to provide a free lawyer. There are categories of citizens (participants in the Great Patriotic War, for example, or people whose incomes are below the subsistence level), for whom the law allows you to hire a free lawyer. However, such a conveyancing services is often not interested in the successful outcome of this case, since his fee will be a completely insignificant amount, which he will also receive very soon. A free lawyer is unlikely to do what a lawyer who works for a good fee will do.

Good lawyer is not cheap.

Solicitors dee why have a special place in the process of administering justice. They are not employees or state representatives; on the contrary, they are independent lawyers who strive to protect the interests of their clients. That is independence from the state is a decisive factor – the lawyer represents and protects only your interests and no one else’s.

The legal education to which the lawyer belongs does not matter.

Lawyer education can have any titles and an arbitrarily good reputation, but it does not mean anything. Your interests in court will be represented not by a lawyer’s education but by a specific person, and it is his professionalism, reputation, and decency that should be checked.

Conclusion: So if you looking for a lawyer to handle your case, then solicitor dee why play an important role to win your case.     

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