Hamilton Career as a Lawyer

Hamilton was hardworking and intelligent in what he did. Although he had many flaws when it came to his family he did not let that stop hat he wanted. Hamilton had a strong love for his kids and was actually somewhat of a family man. Although he was a prideful man who made a lot of mistakes he also contributed to America in major ways Hamilton was one of the people who helped found America. He helped strengthen America’s government and helped reduce the national debt that we had as a country. Hamilton was also an amazing writer which helped him so much as he got older. Hamilton was also skilled in reading books often and fast. This would help with his writings especially with correct grammar and making his writings flow.

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“Hamilton Career as a Lawyer”

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Hamilton was chosen to be a delegate for congress by New York. Hamilton worked along-side with James Madison when he went into congress. Hamilton thought so highly of Madison one reason is because he went through Princeton in a matter of two years. That was an amazing accomplishment to Hamilton. Madison was six years older than Hamilton and was more of a reserved person around strangers. Both Hamilton and Madison were both similar as far as being able to read books and make great arguments and essays from the reading. Although they had different minds when it came to what driving them for their writings. Hamilton was driven by problems verses Madison who was driven by theories. These both got them far in their works even though they were completely different. Hamilton was in congress for a total of eight months and he was starting to think how frustrating being in congress actually was. Hamilton only expressed this to George Washington when he was writing to him. After Hamilton was done with congress he had to make a new career for himself. Hamilton pursued in law. He began this new journey in January 1782. In order for Hamilton to study for his examination he would write himself books. These books would later turn into what we call study guides. Hamilton was constantly studying law although it was an on and off type of studying. This lasted all the way until his death. A man named Troup did not take Hamiltons career as a lawyer serious because Hamilton was more familiar with the first principles. Meanwhile Hamilton explains otherwise saying he would read whatever he needed to help make his case more successful. Hamilton appeals to justice and what is write.

We see how Hamilton diligently worked only to accomplish things to help better America. Since Hamilton was such an amazing writer and reader it helped him on his career path as a lawyer. Hamilton did what he had to do to help win his cases and to just better America in general. This shows how determined he actually is and how he has a heart for his people and country. Hamilton truly cared for all of his kids and would not promise something he could not keep. Even though most of kids did not believe this Hamilton still made that effort. You can see the two sides of Hamilton the good and the bad but as being humans you can see how people could still fall. Hamilton went through trials his whole life but he did not let that stop him.

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