The French Revolution was Worth the Cost

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I believe that the French revolution was worth the coast, this revolution needed to happen no matter the cost things needed to change. There wasn't one event or condition that led to the French Revolution, but, rather, a number of factors came together to cause a perfect storm leading to the revolt of the people against the king.1 It led to the end of the monarchy (a monarchy is a form of government with a monarch at the top) and an end to many wars.. One of the main reasons the french revolution needed to happen was political conflict between the monarchy and the nobility over the reform of the tax system led to paralysis and bankruptcy, The high price of bread, and believe it or not king Louis XVI was a very major part of it as well.

The high price of bread, bread was the lower classes main source of nutrition cards back then so without it many people began to starve and become very sick and week to this day in america bread is still a major part of our diet a much bigger part than it should be and low wages given to workers caused the ordinary people to suffer the families could not make enough to live. This made them dislike the rich nobles, who had the money to eat well and build huge houses.

King Louis XVI was a major reason that french revolution needed to happen. Louis XVI's policy of not raising taxes and taking out international loans, including to fund the American Revolution, increased France's debt, setting in motion the French Revolution. ""By the mid-1780s the country was close to bankruptcy, which forced the king to support radical fiscal reforms not favorable with the nobles or the people."" says Mr. Schwartz. Louis XVI went back to his earlier teaching of being uncommunicative, with no solution to the problem and not responding to others who offered to help him and his country. By 1789 the situation was getting very bad very fast.

Social antagonisms between two rising groups was a big part of it as well, The aristocracy and the bourgeoisie, The aristocracy general of finances, Charles-Alexandre de Calonne, arranged the assembly of notables (prelates, great noblemen, and a few representatives of the bourgeoisie). In February 1787 to propose reforms to try to eliminate the budget by raising the taxation of the privileged classes first and some of the second. The upper classes refused to take responsibility for the reforms and suggested they call the Estates-General, which represented the clergy, the aristocracy, and the Third Estate (the commoners) and which had not met since 1614.

The french revolution needed to happen no matter the cost things needed to change. High price of bread lead to people getting sick and even dieing. Low paying wages lead to starving families and poor families falling farther in and the rich to making more and more money. Louis XVI being a bad leaving made thing even worse when times were hard when the country was at its worse he didn't help he backed down. Social antagonisms between two rising groups the higher classes paid little to no tax and the lower class or the poor, paid almost their whole wage to tax this needed to change.

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