Interpersonal Communication Strengths and Weaknesses

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We are an advertising and branded content agency. We now has an exciting opportunity for an Editorial Assistant to join our dynamic team. This position is well suited to an applicant that is a team player, creative, passionate and has unquenchable curiosity. Our ideal candidates are who seeking to advance their career, gain hands-on experience and thrive in a multi-disciplinary environment. The main job duties will be to report, carrying out research, assist in planning, writing, and editing of print magazine articles. Helping to create engaging content for our clients from the initial concept and to produce timely solutions is required.

Professional Skills & Experience

Good interpersonal communication skills as you should be able to report to an editor and an account manager and liaising with clients on a daily basis. Fluency in both written and spoken English is a must as our company works with some of the world’s biggest company, you are required to transcribe interviews and undertake ad-hoc translation tasks. We seek for applicants with a degree holder or above in Journalism, Marketing, Communications, or related discipline and a minimum of 1 year of relevant experience, ideally major magazine publisher. Familiarity with Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and video editing software will be an advantage as there will be chances for you to provide support where necessary. Working as an editorial assistant, you may need to participate in the video production, editing process, work with the media team and to create layout designs.


The closing date of this position is 10 March 2020 and if you have any inquiries regarding your application, please visit our company’s website for more information. You can contact us directly at or by dialing (852) 2164 8901.


The job is about producing ideas and content for articles, doing translation tasks, doing layout designs and editing with software, reporting, carrying out research and preparation. Problems like finding it difficult to continuously searching for inspiring and eye-catching stories or topics to write about may emerge. Inviting people for interviews may be hard, they might be interested in sharing but might not be willing to spend extra time to do an interview. This is a challenge in meeting new people and making connections. We are looking for candidates who could handle these difficulties successfully.

An English major student: good command of written and spoken English, good communication skills I am meticulous, I pay attention to detail and mistakes. I am self-motivated, dependable, independent, have unquenchable curiosity and good time management skills. Work experience: Internship as a creative content editor My main duties are: writing articles about local special topics, conducting interviews, handling blog site I excel in software like Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro CC and iMovie. I love working in things that are media-related.


I do not meet the preferred working experience (at least 1 year), I am quite green in this field and have not yet gained professional experience. I am nervous and anxious when presenting in front of a lot of people. I need a suitable amount of time to complete my tasks, I would not like to complete or rush a task within a little amount of time.


Technology is easily accessible now, this makes reading online, researching easier. I can come up with more content and quirky topics. Since electronic devices are becoming more user-friendly, the trend of an online writer may possibly arise.


Since I have already graduated from University, I have fewer chances to get internships which may result in having inadequate work experience. I even have fewer opportunities to learn and gain experience from the school’s programs and classes.


This SWOT analysis lets me clearly see what I am capable of, what I need to overcome or further develop. I think my characteristics and skills suit this career, the current technology is also an opportunity for this post, an editorial assistant to rise and be successful. Due to my weaknesses like I am inexperienced, I would be willing to participate in any on-the-job training if there is any. I would improve myself by being braver and more confident when talking reporting and presenting. I would also like to enrich myself by having further education or applying for short courses if necessary.


In conclusion, I would contribute creative and thoughtful ideas to the company. My career aim is to learn while working tasks of different aspects to enrich myself, gain working experience and to prepare myself for more challenging tasks in the future. Being an editorial assistant would definitely be a remarkable and fruitful working experience for me.

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