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Power distance is the extent to which a culture accepts that power in organizations is distributed unequally. High power distance equates with steep organizational hierarchies, with more autocratic leadership and less employee participation in decision making. Australia has lower score in power distance that’s 36. Whereas, Singapore and Dubai has high proportion in power distance that was 74 and 96 respectively. In Australia Organizations followed informal communication but in Singapore and Dubai prefer to formal communication and rules in organizations. Uncertainty avoidance is the degree to which members of a society feel uncomfortable with risk and uncertainty. The score of uncertainty avoidance in Australia is 51 which is too low in Singapore (8) because people follow many rules and regulation just because of high PDI. In contrast, uncertainly avoidance is 80 in Dubai as people do not opt to take risk for future.

Individualism is the extent to which people are supposed to take care of themselves and be emotionally independent from others. From the three countries, Australia is a highest individualism with 90. It means people look after themselves and their families as well as employees are loyal towards their company and work place. Moreover, Singapore and Dubai are more concern about others and employee relations are based on moral values. Masculinity means materlism and Australian people give high priority to themselves, they are not more concern about others. Australia has 61 score in index so they are more masculine. On the other hand, Singapore and Dubai relay in the middle of masculine but most of the both in favor of Femininity.

“Two heads are better than one”, we all have heard the old saying encouraging the teamwork. Teaming is the group of people work together to get things done. In each and every organization whether it is small or big the teaming may arise and employees can get the benefit of working together. There are so many benefits of teaming like builds trust, encourages healthy risk taking, work division, efficiency, idea flow, greater experience, fosters creativity and learning, teaches conflict resolution skills etc. and also there are various challenges like miscommunication, too many cooks, lack of trust, lack of social interaction, lose of morale and team spirit, physical distance, conflict over positions, strategies and opinions, personal and work life imbalance, diverse multicultural teams, etc.

I would like to talk about the efficiency as the major benefit of teaming because each team member is able to concentrate his/her particular expertise while experiencing the group. ('6 Benefits of Teamwork in the Workplace', 2018) If in a team everyone has some specific skill then the task of the organization may become relatively easy and goals are achieved with the greater number of success. It is the great idea to work in team with limited resources and maximum strength of individual member of the work group.

Team work often creates miscommunication or poor communication which is the greater challenge for each and every organization. Sometimes they may lack face to face, informal communication which creates the loss of information, distrust and miscommunication. ('6 Challenges to Team Collaboration', 2018) Poor communication is the main factor which hinders innovation, effectiveness and decision making. For example, the individuals working on any project team and then if team leader does not communicate with the team members then the project as well as the team members suffer. Without the clear understanding of what is expected nothing can be achieved. 

How would you describe Maxine Clark’s personality? What implications do her personality characteristics have for her behavior as the CEO of Build-A-Bear? Marine clark has all the characteristics and good qualities which a good entrepreneur includes. She has innovative, productive, and creative ideas. She always takes a risk even though her ideas are criticized by other people; she was steady in making her dream successful. Before working for large retailer she found her build-a-bear workshop in 1996. She wanted to create new workshop because she wanted to make retail business for entertainment and giving enjoyment to customers. Thus all this personality characteristics contributed in success of Maxine clark’s personality and make her behavior as the CEO of build-a-bear.

What are the desired personality characteristics of Build-A-Bear associates? How might these personality characteristics influence the associate’s work behaviors? The desired personality characteristic of build a bear associates that are which is not only powerful but also the employee should be able to create a special bond with a kid and make them feel special and relaxing. Describe the perceptions that Maxine Clark has of Build-A-Bear customers. How have these perceptions influenced Clark’s approach to developing the Build-A-Bear business model?

Maxine clark’s perception of build a bear customer is that mostly of them are women. These perception influenced to clark’s approach by developing the build-a-bear business model because they are trying to expansion of ongoing product line plan for boys locating stores at zoos and ballparks. Would you enjoy or not enjoy working at Build-A-Bear Workshop? Explain your answer. I would enjoy working at build-a-bear workshop because I make something that will be my alone when I create toys at build-a-bear workshop. At build –a-bear workshop it’s all right to act like a kid whether I will be of 10 or 60.

Can the basic interpersonal communication model be used as an aid in understanding the impact of Smart Phone usage? If so, how? Yes, of course, the basic interpersonal communication model can be really used as an aid in understanding the impact of smart phone usage as in interpersonal communication model there may be two or more persons occur. With the help of smart phone, every day we engage in interpersonal communication with families, friends and also a stranger alike, online. There are mainly four key elements of interpersonal communication like a sender, a receiver, a message and a feedback. All conditions of the interpersonal communication are satisfied while mailing or texting with the help of smart phones.

How have Smart Phones transformed the way in which business people communicate with regard to fulfilling their job responsibilities? With the help of advancement in technology, smart phones have widely transformed the way in which business people communicate with regard to fulfilling their job like emails can be send and responded within a few minutes and good decisions can be taken without any delay. How have Smart Phones transformed the way in which college students communicate?

Now-a-days smart phones are very useful for college students and it becomes an important part of their life. They are using their phones for different purposes like texting, mailing and many times it goes on even though it’s not allowed in the class to use the phones during the lecture time. Also, they are more connected with the social media by using the face book, twitter, Skype, etc. Do you think that as people become more connected technologically they become less connected interpersonally? Why or why not? Yes, I think that as people become more connected to the technology they become less connected interpersonally because with the help of smart phone they can do their own work by searching on the internet and not asking anyone. If they want help from anyone then they can email or text to the person instead of going face to face.

According to minterzberg, 1972, organizational structure is the framework of the relations on jobs, systems, operating process, people and groups making efforts to achieve the goals of the organization. Johnson and Johnson is the world’s biggest healthcare manufacturer situated in America in 1886. Johnson and Johnson has decentralized organizational structure with having more than 225 operating companies in around 60 countries and employing about 1,18,000 people worldwide. The business segment of J&J has mainly divided into three business segments: consumer health care, medical devices and pharmaceutical business.

How does J&J balance globalization with a local focus when needed? J&J has the decentralized organization structure and that means it mainly runs by the people which are working in it and haven’t any control of centralized people. The CEO has selected mainly 200 people from the 200 different countries as a leader and all have different cultures which is utmost important for staying in the globalization. Thus, J&J runs by all the local people and they generally know what is going on in the market and then they develop themselves in those markets. They understand very well about the customer’s needs and wants.

How can a company like J&J promote consistent ethical behavior across all of its many autonomous operating companies? J&J mainly fulfils the responsibilities and follows the values which are described in their credo. The most important ethics which they follow is the corporate social responsibility and they focus first on their employees and customers. Thus, we can say that J&J promote the consistent ethical behavior by giving the prime importance to their employees and customers. In the fourth session of my study schedule I learnt about various theories of motivation and performance management. Among all of them I am strongly inspired by how different theories of learning can be used to achieve organizational outcomes and SMART goals.

In simple terms we can say that motivation is a concept of achieving goal oriented behavior in humans. Because of the motivation there are mainly two types of rewards occurs: intrinsic rewards and extrinsic rewards. There are so many theories of motivations are explained in this chapter for achieving organizational outcome. Among all of them I found that if a person’s basic needs are satisfied then he will be look forward for satisfying for the high level of needs. Moreover, I also learned about performance management. I believe that Motivation and performance management are like co-related terms because if the motivation is given to any person then obviously he will react about his performance. Furthermore, I also learned about the SMART goals, goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Such types of goals include three functions like, increase work motivation and task performance, reduces stress and improve accuracy and validity of performance evaluation. Thus, in this session all approach of motivation for performance are explained in a good manner.

Motivation refers to achieving organizational goals by satisfying employees’ needs and demands. From the theories of motivations I evaluate that for different people in the different organization there are different theories are working and it is depend on the different circumstances it is applied for. It is prescriptive to recognize what motivates the employees and through which device means these factors of theories can be executed in order to improve their organizational performance.

Everyone has some goals about what to do in future life. After learning these motivation theories I also made a plan about how to apply these motivation theories in the real life. I will use these theories of motivation when I will work in any organization after completing my study. I will work according to the theories of motivation, my higher level needs will arise after satisfying my primary needs. I will also enjoy the motivation factors due to which I will get excited to do my work as good as possible. In short, these theories of motivation will be very useful to me in my future jobs. In this session we have learned about the effectiveness of the communication skills. Communication may occur between two or more persons or it may be written or verbal communication. During this session, I also read some articles and watch so many videos of communication skills.

Communication is very important for each and every person and also it must be effective because if any miscommunication occurs it may cause so many problems and misunderstandings. With the help of expressiveness, empathy and sensitivity, persuasiveness, and informative management style communication may become effective for managers. Moreover, I also learned the positive and healthy communications which are very important for achieving the organization’s shared goals. Such types of communications generally requires truth and trustfulness which mainly includes honest competition within the organization and very consistent with the concept of working together.

Before learning this session, it was very easy for me to understand the meaning of communication skills but I found it difficult and broader concept when I learned the communication skills deeply. In this session I actually come to know about the proper meaning of the positive and healthy communication and its importance in the organization. Sometimes issues may create just because of very little communication skills. But now I understood the importance and requirement of the healthy communication skills and also I have applied in my daily routine. Everyone has some goals and planed achievement in the life. After reading and learning this chapter I also found that it will become very beneficial for me in my personal life and also I will apply this concept in the organization where I will work.


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