Interpersonal Communication is the Process by which People Exchange Information

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People in this world need to see that changes are being made and we all have to adapt to it sooner or later. The way of communication is being relied on is by social media, emails, and text messages, but not enough face-to-face conversations like back then. Interpersonal is literally one of the top communication in the world since mostly everyone uses one on one conversations.

Overall, what will help the community better the connection with one another would be speaking up for yourself, being more social with the people around you, and not relying on technology for communication. Now a day’s people all around have a hard time speaking up and saying what they need to say, because people don’t speak what’s on their minds. He/she may think that staying silent will keep them away from being involved in any conflict, but that’s really quite the opposite.

Silence is a form of communication just as much as talking, so just by being quiet doesn’t mean that they are left out of the conversation. Humans are involved in any situation and people are not aware of all the lack of it so that’s what strikes most. If they disapprove and the people don't say anything, it will not make it seem any easier when going. As an example, “when going to a job interview they are going to see how your body language is, the way you approach about yourself and how professional you’re dressed. Plus, when it comes to people I’m really bad at ending a conversation” (Thompson) If the problem persists and he/she did nothing people may consider it as enabling and think the issue is as much at fault as the person who actually caused the problem.

People need to see that when it comes to the conversation that the experience and knowledge have value in a given situation. No one else has his/her unique perspective since it is their personal thinking. Yet, that doesn't mean that everything in their brain is worth communicating, but with a little discretion and thought, people will understand and be able to bring value in the situations. Plus, that person's piece of the puzzle may be the most important finisher of a great idea.

People don't automatically recognize the skills, values, ambitions, and desires of what he/she has that are quite unique. If people just waited around for people to notice or read their minds, then we would likely end up on many paths that are not of our own choosing. Relating with people and having that with the person is the most important part in being able to work in large groups or short ones to develop communication skills. After all, you can’t have great social skills without good communication skills, it just won’t work at all, and being able to convey one’s thoughts and ideas may be the single most important. Getting to know who you’re talking to is something you would definitely need to know, no matter if it at work, school, traveling, etc. it's just very important to grow your conversation skills and show the person that you’re not that bad after all. Identifying with others leads to both relationships and friendships at a time.

As most people know, you can’t advance very far in life without being able to leverage relationships. Focusing on relationships will help you land a job anywhere you desire, make new friends, and give you better opportunities in life. An example of why it’s important to have connections is in the book” Human Communication 6e” (page 114-137) it gives everyone the knowledge to know why friendship is important and just having that connection with the person. Connection is key to fixing issues or working together, but having to connect with people will better with society and show that everyone around is a friend, not foe. Why being more social with others will help increase connections with not just friends or work but with relationships and family. Healthy relationships are a vital component of health and wellbeing.

There is evidence that shows that by having strong relationships contribute to having a healthy and happy life and that’s what everyone wants. Without socializing, people will deal with stress, depressed and overwhelm, but with having a strong connection and being themselves, people will live a happy life. Humans seems to be destroying the meaningfulness of interactions we have with people now of days, disconnecting people from all around the world and leading to a sense of isolation. Instead of spending time outside or hanging out with friends/family members, people now rather just call, text or message them. It may seem simpler, but we ultimately end up seeing our friends face to face a lot less now since people are being lazy.

Ten texts can’t even match up to talking for an hour when chatting with a friend at lunch or even when just chilling at the casa. This is why by talking more and being social with people, then we as humans won’t be wanting to use phones, social media and other technology to having a conversation. Phones do have emojis and GIFS now to show how you feel, but it could never replace the ear-splitting grin and smiling eyes you are given a best friends or family member when having a conversation. This doesn’t just apply to our friends or family, but it applies to the world around us as well and that’s the scary part. It should come as no surprise that face-to-face interaction is proven by studies and provide us with some important sense, whether it’s with friends, co-works or family.

While technology has allowed us some means of social connection that would have never been possible before and has allowed us to maintain long-distance friendships that would have otherwise probably fallen by the wayside, the fact remains that it is causing us to spread ourselves too thin, as well as slowly ruining the quality of social interaction that we all need as human beings. An example that proves why is, “More and more, we are interacting with technology to accomplish tasks instead of people.

Technology takes our money and pumps gas into our cars, technology allows us to shop from home instead of with other shoppers, and technology is even the middle man between ourselves and other people most of the time, via computers and cell phones.” (Communication Technology Invasion) Very few, if any enjoy the outdoors and can enjoy life without technology sitting in front of them. Walkthrough campus and see how many times you see two people standing right next to each other, but do not say a word to one another, that will prove how much people are distracted. People have shown they can hold conversations over the internet and through phones, but put a real person in front of them and they will have a hard time coming up with a conversation.

The conversation is now viewed as a skill in today’s society, and people should not have to avoid face-to-face contact just because of their addiction to technology. Overall, people need to see that Interpersonal is the top number one communication skill and we should all learn from this too. If everyone can talk one on one fine then they can talk with groups conversations perfectly fine, but we all need to see that interpersonal is important. If people just believe it will get better for our futures and our kids too. Yet the thing to perfecting interpersonal communication would be to speaking up, be more social around you and don’t rely on technology for communication.

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