Communication Structure and Information Flow

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  1. Communication Structure and Information Flow

  A. Ralph: (i). Ralph sought after to kick out Jeff to have his place. Ralphs performance was doing his best to mess up the figure and status of Jeff in the Department and each and every one in the business. (ii). Ralph needs to resolve the predicament but at the similar time needs to get his ten percent presentation based gratuity at the last part of the quarter year. He decides that he will let the employee’s great effort on with the predicament until he gets his entitlements and then he can meeting point on sorting out the confusion. Sally: (i). Sally is experiencing a sentiment of fail to appreciate and she is secretly looking for a different work. (ii). Sally is the leader of tiny management team for maintaining the verbal communication outline in the business. She liaises on a daily basis with a variety of team leaders and their superior staff using a variety of statement methods coordinated to the preferences of each human being. Jeff: (i). Jeff desires to modify the criterion guidelines of the organisation file to make it gather better marketing principles.

Jeff has also been chatting to the technologists concerning the significance of creation their software to be user friendly to everyone. (ii). Jeff take the General Managers position in the business. He will be the one who will be liable for the projects and management held in the business. B. Key Teams: Ralph: Ralph relies seriously to Manu for the daytime organization of the business and also to Sally on maintaining the verbal communication procession present in the business. Sally: The group of Sally comprises a quantity of older men and women who are the one who is close to their sequestration age. Jeff: Jeff is the one leading the recently launched a little marketing department and responsible for all the work present and needed to be done on his department. Individuals: Ralph: He is the CEO in his early 40’s and has a good trace over the 10 years he has been with the corporation. Sally: She is in her late 30’s and has also been with the corporation same years with her age. So, she stays in the corporation for a long period of time, long enough to be a trustworthy employee. Jeff: He is a young marketing graduate who has an immense idea for the business and has a very recently concerned to a two new great budget customers. C. In the email given for the employees informing them in the upcoming meeting, Sally should or must wrote that if the employees have or has an agenda must inform her or send an email to her to avoid any problem that will occur on the meeting. Ralph Yung, must not say or put in the email that the staff must be open about the staff issues or problem in the meeting that they are experiencing in the company because as in a higher position it is not suitable for him to say that in an email because it is not formal for everyone and if they have a personal problem he must address the specific staff or everyone personally. There would be someone or Sally prepared the attendance sheet for them to know and have a list of all the staff present in the meeting. When Ralph left the meeting he must arrange and announce a another date or time for the meeting and apologize on leaving so soon the assembly and he must also tell to his staff that if they had a problem in the company or if they have concerns they can approach Ralph and talk to him personally. D. The goals and projects of the company must be cleared to every staff or team for them to have a better understanding on doing things and make it correctly to avoid mistakes and also for the staff to avoid doing their own things. Ralph should assign a leader who will replace the position of Manu when he leaves. All of the staff must have a better communication with each other especially among the production staff and marketing staff. The criticism in their company was always present so they must stop it to have a better team. There is no team work between the teams of Rob and Jeff. The CEO must assign some rules in the company and discuss it to the staff for them to be informed and agree to the rules which are needed to be implemented in the company. E. The staff must have a better communication with each other for them not to always rely on Sally about communicating with everyone. Communication must be practice and done by the staff to another for their own preferences of each staff. They also have to improve the security of all the computers and important files in the company and only the authorities can have an access to that to avoid copyrights on their own company. Information can be discuss to the other staff and avoid keeping information by themselves and also it has to be stored properly to avoid any copyrights. 2) Organisational goals and Polices A. Cultural Barriers, because they have different culture on their company and they just don’t feel to communicate with each other because of their cultural beliefs. Emotional barriers, each person have a different emotions facing everyday and because of that it affects the communication in a way of some people they don’t want to talk to someone because they don’t feel or wanting to talk to others and they are experiencing this emotional problem. Physiological Barriers, each person has a way of thinking and they will do what they want and what they believe is correct especially in doing their jobs, they wanted to do it on their own way and finishes it rather than asking help to others. Linguistic Barriers, because not everyone has the same language that is why they cannot communicate because its either they cannot speak the same language or they cannot understand what others are saying so they will just choose to be quiet rather than communicating. Personal Issues, Not everyone can please and make you like by everybody in the company not just only in the company but everywhere because of the personal issues they have with others they just choose not to talk to them and just ignore them. Lack of Feedback, they are experiencing lack of feedback so that the CEO or the person in the higher position cannot help them or don’t know what is happening to their staff. B. Jeff always having a meeting rather than focusing on the work given to the staff and production that they have to do. It results to the distraction and stress of all the staff rather than focusing and completing the work and project given to the marketing staff. The leadership of Jeff was very poor according to the staff because the staff always complains to the CEO because according to them Jeff is distracting them from their work. C. Communicating with the senior staff or any staff in the company or department was important like the way of Rob communicating and work and in this matter they can increase and have a better result to the company and the company will move forward to their production. He must not always call a meeting every time to his staff because it leads to a distraction to them from their work and must not also bring his marketing work or job to the production line. 3) Organisational Culture and Ethics A. The 3 Different aspect of the Company: Routine and Rituals, because the staff of the technologists prefer to communicate in a way of using any technology and not having a conversation personally rather than the other staff who where communicating with each other and they were said to be a very social people who always interact with each other rather than the technologists. Range of Culture within the Business, the Company does not have a successful intranet through the staff especially to the staff of the marketing teams to have a verbal communication within the group and they are just using other kinds of social networks to communicate. B. The 2 breaches: One of the staff named Jennifer has a software download which do not have any permit and just downloaded in the internet. She also have a X rated images which are also downloaded at the internet. Rob downloads or copied the confidential notes of the staff with their specific names and sends it to the draft of the boards of directors and the persons in a higher position. C. We cannot help ourselves to bring our work at home and finishes it while we are staying at home because some of us think that we have a lot of time at our home to finish it rather than the office hours. The staff of the office brings home the important documents and papers in the office and the family member or any person live in the same house might see the confidential documents of the office. Some of the staff cannot help their selves to tell their own family and friends about the things happening in their offices and some work related matters present to them. D. Jeff tries to use the information of the company in the USA without asking their permission and also without having any permit on doing that copyright to the company in the USA and his own reason why he do that because he believes that the company in the USA will never find out what he has done to their information. E. The company in the USA can take a legal act about what have Jeff done to their private information and it is illegal to copyright others companies files without any permit or permission to the specific company and according to the law copyright is a crime and especially when Jeff uses it in the Microware Company. 4) Current and Emerging Communication Technology A. Face to Face Communication, the example of this is the meetings held in the company. Telephone, some of the staff just communicates using a telephone and not having their communication personally. Using of social networking sites, some of them just texting or chatting with other. Communication using an Electronic devices like Sally have done to the staff on informing them to the meeting that Ralph organize and she just inform everyone by sending an email to all the staff in the company. Non Verbal Communication, like making a body language and facial expression on the things that they don’t agree with and to those things that they don’t wanted to do. B. Face to face conversation was the best and most applicable communication that may use in the company because it allows the employer and staff to have a discussion with more understanding and confidence to face a person. Telephoning, It might cause the some misunderstanding and cannot really understand what the person on the line was really saying but it gives you a more time to do the other works and it is more effective than a meeting especially if you just need to talk to one specifically person. Using of Social Networking Sites, the purpose of the social networking sites is that they encourage the other people’s interest and ideas on communicating and meeting other people on the webpage. Communication using the electronic devices can be stored and save in the computer and in times of need of some of the information sent in an email they can still retrieved it. Non Verbal communication, a verbal communication tells that even if you’re not saying anything others can still see what do you want to say and in some verbal communication, the non verbal communication is still present on the discussion. C. Face to Face conversation, the example of this was when Ralph organizes a meeting about the personal problems of the staff in the company. Telephoning, when the admin team decided that they can communicate face to face or through the use of a telephone and they said that they communicate either of the two. Using of Social Networking Sites, The marketing team are always using the social networking sites to communicate and they are also known as the social people because they always use social networking sites every time they communicate. Communications using the electronic devices were often used by the Technology team; they are the one who always uses the technology to communicate with others. Non verbal communication, the higher position like the CEO always uses the non verbal communication to communicate to the board of the company and also for them to convey his message, not just only to the board but also to everyone in their company. D. Face to face communication because it is the most appropriate communication of all because you can easily understand everyone when you are talking to them face to face and it is the right way of communicating others. Telephone communication is one of the easiest ways to communicate with others especially if they are in a distance and the only thing you can communicate to them is by telephoning them. Electronic Communication, you can also communicate with the use of electronics like texting and chatting because not everyone has a time to go to that person and say something especially if you are busy and no time to talk to. You can just text them or chat with them to make it more convenience. Social Networking also helps a company to communicate like in a way of sending a files through the use of email and after so many days you can still retrieved the files and keep it for years. REFERENCES: McNamora C., (2012).Guidelines to conducting Effective Meetings, Retrieved from: Bonner.H, (1959) “Group Dynamics; Principles and Applications”. New York, Ronald Press Co.

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