Inspiration by Jackie Robinson

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Jackie Robinson was a famous baseball player he was the first person, to break the color barrier. Jackie Robinson was born on, January 31, 1919 in Cairo Georgia. His family was poor when Jackie was a baby his dad left home.

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After this Jackie’s mother moved Jackie and his family to Pasadena in California. She moved there to get a better job, but some white people bothered Jackie’s family and tried to force them to move. As a kid Jackie got in trouble as a kid, he stole many things from stores, so the police watched him closely. Jackie became a strong athlete and went to college at the University of California at Los Angeles.

There he got drafted so he had to go to the army. After he fought in world war 2 and left the army, he went on for to be a pro athlete he played for the Kansas city monarchs, which belonged to the negro league soon after his year playing, he met a man named Branch Rickey, Who was the person who ran the Dodgers he wanted to break the color barrier so he let Jackie play on an all-white team. But he had to learn a lot about baseball, so he signed on a minor league team in Montreal. After his first season he was ready to play for Brooklyn on their first game Jackie did poorly on the game. Soon some people started sending death threats to Jackie. Soon he won many awards like the Rookie of the year or the most valuable player award. In 1950 many people admired Jackie and made a movie of him. In 1954 Jackie left the dodgers. Soon after Jackie had a heart attack and died October 24, 1972 at the age of 53. Jackie had a lot of good impacts on people’s lives.

Rickey branch was the owner of the Brooklyn dodgers he worked with Jackie to help him break the color barrier. Jackie Robinson a person who was like Josh Gibson he was a great baseball player but could not play in the major league. Jackie Robinson hoped to expect that all black people could play in the major league. Jackie Robinson inspiration was his older brother Matthew Robinson, so Matthew inspired Jackie to pursue his dream and love for athletics. Jackie Robinson inspired me because he showed how even that he is colored he still tries. One habit I have that is like my mentor is that I always try my best. Three habits I want to develop to be similar like my mentor is one always keep going two try your best and three is to move forward.

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