Who was Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson was a man who is known for his watershed moment in American history The watershed moment that took place was when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and segregation. There were appalling problems that went on in American history which started with a horrid segregation of colored people. Jackie Robinson had a solution and he took a different approach. He tried to change the terrible things that were taking place between white and black people instead of engaging.

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“Who was Jackie Robinson?”

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There were many problems that went on during the segregation of white and black people. The biggest problems that happened in the era of 1947 was racial problems between whites and blacks. No race would do anything together everything was separated. (Swaine 1) Everything was separate for blacks and whites. For a example, they had bathrooms for whites and bathrooms for blacks. There were buses, restaurants, stores, homes, streets that separated the two ethnicities. Nobody did anything together which was super sad and I wondered if anything was going to change. (Capel) The racial problems were disgusting, took people down, and were extremely frustrating for those living during this time.

This was a huge problem and someone needed to take a stand and change the world. Everyone thought they had the better race, the top notch supreme. The main problem was the fact that no race could do anything together it had to be separated. This was also horrifying because we are all made equal and no human being is made better than the other. We are all children of God.

Fights happened all the time between people groups and that was another huge problem. I can remember hearing on the radio of many fights that would break out between the racial groups. All it took was one comment to the other group and huge fights would break out. (Capel) There were some people who tried to take some stands and it didn’t work at all. It just caused even more problems. Some of the things people would do would be getting on the bus with the other race and trying to take a step and change the world or even get the other group angry. It was very hard to see whether or not that person wanted things to change or was engaging in the tension. They seemed to be really good at covering everything up. People were in a huge need for someone who had a solution and wanted to also change the racial dynamics.

Jackie Robinson came to be a legend and worked his absolute hardest to change the world. Jackie Robinson was a African American who was a sports all star that wanted to play baseball. The only problem was baseball in the major leagues was a white man’s game. Jackie Robinson was a huge proponent of everyone being created equal and that no race group is higher up then the other. A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. (Jackie Robinson 1) Jackie Robinson created this famous quote and would preach on it and lived by it. He went hard and fought that a life isn’t important unless you make a impact and do a good deed in life. (Jackie Robinson 1) You can’t fulfill that dream if we live a life separated from others. People finally caught on and joined Jackie Robinson in his fight. The different race groups slowly but surely started to do things together.

There was a day in history which was April the 15th of 1947, when the problems ended and the solution came to be. On this date Jackie Robinson was a legend who ended segregation on the major league baseball field. Robinson took the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947, more than sixty years of racial segregation in major-league baseball and the world came to an end. (Swaine 2)

Jackie Robinson also took stands for his opinion that led up to this huge watershed moment in history. Thanks to Jackie Robinson the world changed for the better. Jackie Robinson changed the way that baseball was played and how Americans thought. (Swaine 1) If it wasn’t for Jackie Robinson there could still be a horrible separation. We still have problems with racial tension today but it’s nothing compared to the problems that occured before Jackie, The great thing is you see white people and colored people getting along and working together. (Capel) This is way better then totally being apart and having everything separate.

Jackie Robinson was a well known man that everybody looked up to. Jackie Robinson pushed that white people did not have freedom unless the black people had freedom as well. (The Atlantic 3) Jackie Robinson was a legend and an amazing baseball player. He had a amazing heart for others and cared deeply. He knew that everyone was created equal and that nobody was better than the other. His mom preached this into him and his siblings growing up and encouraged them the best that she could to preach this into others which really paid off for Jackie.

Thanks to Jackie pushing things around in the world of baseball and getting people to realize that it isn’t just a white person game and that no racial group was better than the other, he got a offer to come play with the Dodgers and colored people got along and loved on each other (Rampersad 12). The best part of all of this is the fact that they have a special day where all baseball players in the Major Leagues where the number 42. The number 42 was Jackie’s baseball jersey number. They celebrate his accomplishments every year on April 15. There is also a museum that is located in New York that is specially for Jackie Robinson as another celebration of his accomplishments.

Jackie Robinson had a solution and he took a different approach and to tried to change the terrible things that were taking place between white and black people instead of engaging.

The solution’s outcome was just amazing, We need more people like Jackie in the world. Thanks to this event in history, we no longer see the different colored groups using different bathrooms, buses, restaurants, stores, streets, etc. This really steals home base and is a amazing thing that happened. It’s a great watershed moment in history that really hits your heart hard.

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