Inspiration by Helen Adams Keller

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Helen Keller was born in June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, AL. She had a serious illness called acute congestion of the stomach and brain at the age 1. This illness cause, her sight to be blind and it made her deaf. This illness also prevented her to speak. She grew up with Arthur H. Keller, Kate Adams Keller, William Simpson Keller, and Mildred Keller. Later in 5 years Helens father contacted Anne Sullivan. Anne later arrived at Boston where Helen lived to teach her. Anne was also blind at the age 7, but she got surgery in 1881-1887 that restored her sight. Later in a few months Anne taught Helen how to write and speak. She learned how to write by Anne’s help. She moved Helens Finger on her palm and traced words. Helens progress was very fast. In 3 years, she mastered the alphabet and she learned how to write in braille. She learned how to talk when she was at the age 10. But she could only talk with sign language. She decided to take lessons with a teacher of the deaf. At the age 16 Helen communicate well enough to go to college. She graduated in 1904 with honor. After college Helen Keller wanted to help the deaf and blind people. She worked at the America Foundation for the blind. She taught lectures and wrote many articles. By war word II 1939-1945 she helped with soldiers that were blinded by the war. Helen received many awards and ribbons. Helens articles have been translated 50 times. Some of her famous articles, books, and stories are The Story of My Life, The World I Live In, Optimism, the song of the stone wall, Out of the Dark, My Religion and midstream, My later life, Teacher, and finally The Miracle Worker. She later died at June 1, 1968. Anne Sullivan was Helen’s inspiration. She inspired her to help people that were blind like her. Anne Sullivan worked with Helen Keller because when Helen was a little kid, she was quite stubborn, so her parents called Anne to help Helen. LEV PROTRYAGIN was like Helen Keller because he was also blind but that didn’t stop him from helping his family. When Helen Died, she hoped that other people like her will get the same help that she got, and she hope the books she wrote will help people all over the world. Helen Keller inspires me because she helped people in need, so I want to help people in need. One of my habits is helping people so when I grow up, I want to work at a business that helps children in hospitals. My three habits is writing stories for the people that are blind, helping people in my school and teaching people things that they didn’t know. Helen Keller inspired me to help people because she was deaf, blind but she still helped people like her. I help people in need like when Helen Keller helped deaf and blind people like her. To work hard whatever I do to, sur pass any fear or difficulties. When I graduate in 2025, I want to make my family and friends proud of me like how Helen Keller did.
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