Difference between Integrity and Dignity

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Dignity is the quality that goes hand in hand with integrity. However, integrity and dignity should not be confused with each other because they are not the same. The main difference between integrity and dignity is that integrity refers to a firm commitment to the ethical code, while dignity refers to appreciation or respect.

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“Difference between Integrity and Dignity”

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Integrity: integrity is equivalent to honesty or truth fullness virtue we look for companions, partners, and coworkers basically the people we have relationships with or even those we just interact with for a short period of time. people with integrity are easy to trust and build a long-lasting relationship.

A person’s integrity will be trustworthy, sincere, and firm, always admit his mistakes. If a person acts in accordance with his beliefs and moral law, he acts honestly. For example, someone forgot to pay for something in a store. If the person returned, and admitted his mistake and paid for the item, he or she could be described as someone with integrity.

Ethics is used to determine the good or bad, or right or wrong in one’s conduct and the organizations set their code of ethics to set the standard behavior in the organization defining the moral principles. It helps the employees and managers to take better decisions among the alternatives according to the moral code. While developing product or service, quality plays an important role and an organization that gives importance to ethics will always try to develop the best quality product as the organization has the moral responsibility to do good for the stakeholders as well as the society.

The employees and leadership need to ensure all the legal and ethical parameters while offering the product or service. But if the organization does not emphasize on ethics, there are chances of unethical actions like a misrepresentation of product features, using low-quality raw materials or giving false commitments to customers and quality also will degrade subsequently.

Organizational values say what is the appropriate behavior and the organization sets the values according to the expected behavior from the employees and the managers. The products and service offered by the company also should protect these values and hence the values are taken into account while developing the product features.
An organization with good values will always ensure the quality of the product while an organization that does not give importance to good behavior may involve in corruption and other illegal activities and sell low-quality products in the market to create more profit.

Integrity ensures honesty and morality in actions and it is very important to value an organization should protect to succeed. The organization needs to ensure honesty in its operations to achieve integrity.
The company should not hide any defects from the customers and hence the management and employees should ensure the best quality products and services. They should not lie to the customers regarding the product features. But when integrity is not protected quality also degrades as the company starts hiding the facts related to the actual product or service from the customers.

Every person must be treated with dignity regardless of gender, religion, cultural background, social or economic dignity should be treated with dignity because dignity is a fundamental human right.
Dignity can also indicate a feeling of pride in oneself. Thus, this can also be described as self-esteem. This is how one sees himself and how others see him.

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