Impact of the Gilded Period on the Economy

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The Gilded Age in the United states signified an increased change of technology an industrialization, therefore, creating lots of jobs (Trachtenberg,2007). However, these changes let to hazardous working conditions, therefore, creating strikes among the workers, Grate changes in technology and transportation were experienced during this period, therefore, impacting on the workers' who underwent harsh working conditions with low payments by the government. These changes included the shipping of cargo and passengers across a large market, the invention of market management for railroads among others. The progressive era has involved the movement of immigrants from their home countries in order for them to settle and look for food. The immigrants came from the north and western parts of Europe, therefore, creating a development of infrastructures during this period (Trachtenberg,2007). Despite the positive changes shown some negative impacts appeared such as the frustration of workers by the managers. This paper, therefore, illustrates how the changes in technology and transportation affected labor whereas encouraging workers protests against the prevailing changes in Technology.

The period provided both the positive and negative changes for the workers and citizens at large. The Gilded period led to harsh conditions for its workers due to changes in technology and transportation leading to many protests by workers (Bartels, L. M. (2016). Firstly, many factories were developed which created job opportunities for the jobless within the state. During the Gilded Period, railroads were constructed therefore providing job opportunities to the people within the state as well as the immigrants. Advanced machinery which required well-skilled laborers were also introduced by the government. These changes in Technology and transportation lead to many effects on labor whereas promotingworker protests against the prevailing technology order. Increased wages were attested by the workers. Furthermore, several strikes were done by the workers during the railroad constructions due to harsh labor practices such as low wages as well as poor working conditions led to many issues among the citizens.

Competition among the different companies of railroads led to labor mistreatment due to fast work conditions to accomplish their missions whereas, on the other hand, they were unable to treat their workers in a good way. These changes affected its workers, therefore, need to protest. Pullman strikes due to low wages by the Pullmans was also observed. However, the railroad constructors, later, decided to hire workers from Canada as well as providing security personals in order to carry out their tasks harmonized. The prevailing technology transformed workers into new working conditions which created hard times for them. These issues regarding the economy were prolonged and therefore the adoption of progressive era (Forbath, W. E 1985).

The Gilded period impacted the economy in many ways, therefore, the need for the progressive era in order to solve these issues. The hard conditions subjected to its workers required time to organize on the ways of working conditions. Development in transport and technology created many business firms, therefore, providing basic salaries to its workers improving their living. Wage slavery was paramount (Forbath, W. E 1985).

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