The Working Conditions in the Gilded Age

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The working conditions in the gilded age were much worse than they are in today's world. Many immigrants and poor people worked jobs that pay a couple dollars per hour for hard excruciating labors for more than 7 hours a day. With these terrible wages many mothers could not provide for there family which most of the time had a lot of people living under one roof. In today's world there are still bad working conditions for some jobs like sweatshops and business that exploit their workers but there not as bad as they used to be.

 An example of a business that exploits workers is sears they have got complaints from many workers saying they were not paid the amount they were owed and that the working conditions were terrible. There was a claim from a sears employ were she said she was only paid 500$ for nine month of work. 250 employs had to share the same 2 pounds of chicken on there lunch breaks. One time in the sweat shop the electricity went out and the temperatures were raised to dangerous levels and they still had to stay and work. Places like sears shouldn't be allowed to keep exploiting employees and have no consequences.

 A example of a job in the gilded age that had terrible working conditions was the triangle shirtwaist factory where workers were lock in the sweatshops for 9 hours a day to manufacture a special kind of dress. On march 25 1911 the factory caught on fire and many workers were trapped on the 8th floor. There was no fire escapes in the factory so the women had no options to get out. Many women ran to the window and jumped out because they didn't want to get burned alive. 145 workers died in the fire and after that factories made sure to have a working fire escape and better conditions to work in.

 The last example of a company with bad working conditions is Tyson Foods. They have very dangerous conditions because they have to stand very close together while they butcher meat. This is dangerous because the tools used are very sharp and everyone is lined up real close to each other. But that's not the only problem there have been many reports that workers are denied bathroom breaks which is against the law. Tyson foods is still exploiting their workers today and there has been nothing done to intervene.

 In conclusion workers are still being exploited even in today's workforce and nothing is being done to prevent it. Also wages are already too low especially in places like San Francisco were the rent is very high but the minimum wage is only 14 dollars. Many working class families cannot afford to live of one job and every years its gets more expensive because of the major tech companies moving in. soon with all these tech jobs the regular everyday worker will be push out of their homes because they can not provide. In the gilded age working conditions were worse but now a days people can't afford to live even though the working conditions are better.

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