I Don’t Want to be Alive

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Everybody: The song Everybody is about everyone in this country and how mostly everyone is treated. Logic says that the United States makes their citizens feel like they have more free will and power than what they really have, when really our minds are only focused on little things such as money that this country takes advantage of that. The hook is speaking about unity saying, we all bleed, want love, need something, and are people.

Confess: The song Confess is based on the perspective of a man who goes into a church to pray. The first part of the song is what he’s thinking while praying. He’s thinking about what life would be life if he was someone else, somewhere else in the world. Continuing on about how for a lot of his life he has been told that everything will be alright, but situations made it not seem that way. He asks if anybody is there or can hear him. However, once Killer Mike comes into the song, he raps what the man actually says out loud. He questions God why he has put African Americans in the position they are in, in today's society, where there’s violence an betrayal.

Take It Back: Take It Back shares the perspective of Logic’s life. Born in a biracial family, Logic faced hard times from both sides of his family. Ever since he was a child, he experienced people trying telling him what race he actually is. He mentions how everybody around him when he was younger lied to him. For example, his white mother always told him that everyone is equal, while shouting racial slurs towards him and his black father. Logic, who refers to himself in third person, talks about how he always saw life from two sides and how he believes that everyone was born equally during the song.

1-800-273-8255: For the title of this track, Logic uses the number of the suicide prevention line. The beginning of the song starts off about a person contemplating suicide singing “I don’t want to be alive” along with the music. Logic says with how today’s society treats depression and suicide, people still will not actually help to do something about it. The song sort of explains the progression of depression, from the time when somebody questions the value of their life, to almost commiting suicide, and then later on in their life when they are happier and are no long depressed. The message of the song is to show how life does get better, no matter what someone might be going through.

Black Spiderman: Diversity is the main focus of this song. In the beginning of song, the first chorus is a group of all the perspectives of different people Logic sung about on the album. He switched between two perspectives throughout the song, Logic shows how to accept diversity through a gay man and black woman. He mentions that everyone should accept each other no matter the skin color, sexual orientation, or religion. The song addresses the relevant topic of racism talking about the what is, what should, or should not be aspects of it all.

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