Human Trafficking Slavery of the Modern World

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Intro – The idea that human trafficking is happening right in front of one’s everyday life is unsettling, especially in an area like Orange County. Human Trafficking entails the original definition of slavery but with a modern twist. Human trafficking is the action of unlawfully transporting a person or people against their own will and exploiting them through some form of service without their consent. To stop Human trafficking in Orange County getting to the core of the problem is key, that being actually stopping people from being human trafficked. Having police trained to have an eye out for traffic victims is not enough, having a community task force only does so much. The solution in reality is much more simple and effective as one might think by developing technology that tracks a person the second they go missing. Using the app on the phone to basically turn on the device is all that is needed. The overall cost of this endeavor would be $200,000. Though there are multiple aspects of Human trafficking the topic focused on in this paper is specifically sex trafficking.The reasoning behind this is as more and more people are informed of such tragedies they can be ready. technology would be built , furthermore to input the facility in Orange County that specializes in such victims. The issue at hand is how human trafficking is happening right in the middle of Orange County and it seems no one is talking about it. If this undying problem is not address then it will be another a part of dark history in the United States. But with Orange county being one of the biggest destinations for human traffickers the problem seems to worsen. (author) Due to the fact that there is an abundance of market in O.C., there are customers that have the money and will to pay such prices with no moral for those victims. The largest problem at hand is Sex trafficking because of the facts mentioned above, sex victims are what sells in Orange County and this is an epidemic that will be able to help people The epidemic no one seems to want to talk about and there is reasoning behind that it is not in the profit of the majority so there is no need to address it. Slater states as suchurgency in researching how ignorance is made, maintained and manipulated by powerful institutions to suit their own ends, where the guiding research question becomes ?Why don’t we know what we don’t know?’… (slater 920). So by the means of now knowing about this problem many people are not only indifferent to it happening in their everyday lives but more so are at risk of becoming a victim themselves. Though it has been a silent issue in the past, awareness is being brought upon this issue, leading to some precautions. It simply is not enough though there is an Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force the case is that more than seven has not been updated since 2017 and only 3 cases were found. Leading into the next However there does seem to be a problem with police in larger scale finding more than smaller scale sectors People throughout the nation have tried post about incidents that have happened to them on social media and how to avoid being a victim (car alarm, pepper spray, not walking alone..etc). However that is not enough, reporting it does not help either, by police not having any identification of these traffickers limits of what they are able to do. there must be something else to be done (what have people done in the past and it does not work) Online dating, social media sites, and advertising of jobs on the internet to recruit victims without referencing any data or providing an assessment of how prevalent the use of the internet to facilitate human trafficking is (Mendel, sharapov 671) My Solution is to use the programs already available but set the bar higher so more victims of human trafficking are founded. People bring light to the issue and police forces being trained to spot victims is not enough. As a society tackling the problem to the core is what needs to be done, taking the precautions before a person is abducted is the underlying issue. Police and task forces can keep finding victims but it is not enough to stop someone else from being taken from a parking lot. That is why utilizing an app on the smartphone that alerts not only the authorities but as well you can be tracked via a small device. A small pill that you can swallow that has technology that would adheres to the inside of your body and tracks where is your location. This pill… What I am proposing is a large scale system similar to that of other apps like uber and (need, where, process, people?..etc) Strengthening and amending a system that is greatly flawed will bring a positive help for the betterment of the Orange County Society. The money will be used to bring advocacy to O.C. and develop a software app that keeps people safe. This money will be used to build a facility that focuses on the entire issue of Human Trafficking as well as help develop the ideal tracking device. From the training of task forces to checking of victims and their mental health. The money will be used in such a way so that the entire system is centralized in one facility so that it can run more smoothly. Having a space where people can be safe and potential find others with similar stories can help these people get over the events. The overall benefit of the programs would bring light of such a dark situation that not many even know is happening. It is affecting positively the the very victims that have been indangered (short / long terms, personal / community, physical / psychological ) Help family find lost people- 2 paragraphs have police give victims tracker and at least be able to find them when able to Conclusion: Set up county wide so that there would be a network of facilities working together to provide a positive creation of intertwined webs that with communication can combat the tragedy that is Human Trafficking. The app is only the begging of a bigger picture. (future, if its goes good then where to fix next)

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