Effects of Human Trafficking in Colorado State

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Human trafficking is the plague of selling human beings forcefully without their consent across borders or domestically to traffickers with an intention of making money. The victims are exposed to various non-human activities which leave most of them having physical injuries and traumatized minds. In Colorado State, there has been recorded several cases of human trafficking, ranging from trafficking with intentions off shorting pornography, forced labor to trafficking with purposes of commercial sex activities with the traffickers using anybody regardless of their age or gender. This, is as a result of agriculture, tourism and the International Airport that places Colorado an ideal State for human trafficking, A.J Alejano-Steele, This article will look it the effects that the victims undergo while and suggest the measures that can be put in place to curb this menace in the State.

Gynecological effects.

The sex trafficking victims are exposed to gynecological risks such as unwanted pregnancies which increases high rates abortion, sterilization and infertility. Abortions are carried out with non-qualified practitioners, increasing the chances of the victims dying in the process. The survivors are left traumatized for the rest of their life.

Legal consequences

Human trafficking has increased the rate of illicit drug trafficking and prostitution in the state. This makes the victims be charged with violation of local law whereby they are forced to sell their drugs openly so as to satisfy their masters. This leads to many victims being forced to be deported to their countries.

Economic consequences.

Most people from other states and countries are reluctant visiting Colorado States since they fear being captives of slavery. This has slowed the rate of economic growth due to the low inflow of tourists and investors. As people are transported across borders especially to Canada, this poses a major border integrity and economic diversity of US and Canada thus impacting negatively the economy of the State.

Threat to human health.

Sex human trafficking increases the spread of HIV and other STDs to the people involved. The victims are forced into unprotected sex which increases the risk of contamination. Women are forced to Threat to State, national and Internal Security

Human traffickers in the world are mostly connected to organized world crime organizations that may use the proceeds to fund other criminal activities such as terrorisms in across the world.

Affects State Human Conscience

Human trafficking poses a negative impact of the very health of the State human conscience since its well manifested and routed within the state. This negates the reputation given to the state globally.

Human trafficking does not only affect victims. It's widespread on the children, family members of the victims and the entire State since it has far reaching effects. This leaves many people traumatized to the extent that they lack trust towards other people within their residence. The government has a duty to establish laws that will protect citizens from human trafficking.

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