Human Trafficking in the Life

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There are many types of human trafficking in the world. Let start with sex trafficking, trafficking labor reasons and lastly organ trafficking. These are most common human trafficking because they are the most lucrative.(quote). People are kidnapped and sold for sex or their body parts that can sometime results in death. Women are not only sex trafficked, but men are as well trafficked. One way people are abducted is someone is driving pass and forced the person into a vehicle against their will. They use those who got them just to sell them to other people to get money out of them. Labor trafficking, is known to take people and force them to do something that they don’t want to do. Such as work in areas they don’t want, they are also forced to fraud or coercion. Organ trafficking is knowing as trading body parts, usually used as a transplant. These organs are from mostly the people that have been killed and are healthy. They use them on other people that need it, just so they can survive and still live.

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“Human Trafficking in the Life”

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Secondly, I believe human trafficking should not exist. This is so unfair because those who are into human trafficking tell the people that there life will get better and do anything to convince them. But little do they know that they are getting themselves into something very serious. Roby, jini L. Says, Domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) is a rapidly growing problem in the United States, yet legislative efforts to address victim needs have begun only recently (Roby). This quote is telling us that sex trafficking can occur at any time and that the main problem about it is that, it’s spreading very quickly around the United States. Sex trafficking is something very important now a days, since there’s so much going on here in the United States. This is another quote that the author said DMST is an issue that spans several areas of social work practice, as emerging research shows that most children and youths exploited in commercial sex have typically experienced prior abuse, neglect, or other forms of trauma. (Roby). This quote is stating that sex trafficking is something serious. That it isn’t something to just pass it on. It has involved children’s and youths. Meaning those who are taking kids away for sex trafficking are usually taking the ones that are barley even starting to live there life’s.

Then, labor trafficking is also something that I do not agree with. It’s something that mostly everyone that is in that doesn’t want to be in there. As the author Hopper says labor trafficking, including people trafficked into or within the United States. (Hopper). This quote is stating that labor trafficking is knowing as coming and leaving the United States to do what they have to do. Such as passing stuff from one place to another. Doing labor trafficking can also because you stress and depression, as the author says High rates of depression (71%) and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (61%) were identified. (Hopper). This quote is telling us that the percentage on depression and stress disorder are most likely getting higher and higher. They are only 10% difference, which means it’s not by a lot.

Furthermore, organ trafficking is one of the awful trafficking that there is. They kill people and sell their organs to other people. As the author says others are killed and their organs are harvested and sold on the black market. (Moore) this quote is stating that they kill and sell. A human being can be perfectly fine, but as soon as someone needs a body part and they know that someone is healthy and that there organs are working perfectly fine, those are the ones that end up dying just so that they can get those healthy organs. Another phrase that the author had said was that It is estimated that 50,000 victims are brought into the United States annually. (Moore) this quote is stating that those 50,000 victims that are being brought here to the United States are those who are going to get their lives taking away just so they can sell their organs to someone else. Organ trafficking is something that shouldn’t exist in this world. There is tons of families that have lost many loved ones and they don’t know where they are at just because there’s some people that well tell them anything just to go with them, and they never show up again. Then their families end up finding out that they are dead and they no longer have their organs anymore.

These three main human trafficking are the ones that have been taking so much impact into so many lives. There’s young kids that have fallen for those sex traffickers just because they tell them something good and end up doing the total opposite of what they had told them. Same with labor trafficking, they tell them something and they make them do something else. Something that they don’t even want to do they are just forced to do it. Lastly with organ trafficking it’s something that also shouldn’t be going around because there some people that still want to continue living but they don’t just because they are being killed so that other people can have their organs. This is why I am against this human trafficking because it’s so unfair and they don’t deserve to live the life that they are living. They didn’t choose to live like that but they were put into that without them having a way to get out of it.

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