The Modern-Day Slavery

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There are many forms of modern-day slavery including Sex trafficking, sex trafficking is what will be discussed throughout this paper. Human trafficking is slavery which involves the excessive use of force, manipulation, or persuasion to get some type of labor or commercial sex act. This is one of the fastest growing forms of contemporary slavery. Human trafficking is a crime that has gained the attention of so many different angles of law enforcement, human rights advocates, and policymakers to try and stop this excessive business. Every year there are hundreds of thousands of people including men, women, and children that are trafficked in countries all over the world, not excluding the United States.

It is said that human trafficking creates millions of dollars each year. This ties in second to drug trafficking as the most profitable form. Sex trafficking is a monetary connected criminal business built upon the foundation of supply and demand. People who pay to have sex increase the use for more traffickers and implement a profit for the owners of these traffickers. Who seek to increase their profits by capitalizing on trafficking victims, buyers of people who choose to purchase sex from prostitution rings need to recognize their involvement in how they are contributing to the demand of the of sex trafficking rings. Women and children have been victims of sex trafficking for thousands of years.

These people should not buy sex and should not participate in this sexual industry. Many women do not realize this life, is the life they will live when they are first brought into this industry, because usually they are met by a man or woman who give them the thought that if they come with them somewhere, they will be given a different life or have a relationship with someone that they need to move across the world for and end up being brought into the sex trafficking life. Children are usually abducted into this life, or they are brought into the life of sex trafficking because their parents cannot afford to take care of them so they sell their kids for money or drugs. An example of sex trafficking is the movie taken.

Taken is about how a former CIA agent and his ex-wife let their seventeen-year-old daughter travel Paris with her friend with no adult supervision. Where this all goes wrong is when they meet this guy at an airport, and share a cab ride with him to where they will be staying at, as they ride with the guy the guy promises to show them around Paris, and they exchange contact information, what they did not know about this guy was that he was part of a sex trafficking ring where he would talk girls into going out but really be a part of the abduction setup. The former CIA agent is on the phone with his daughter while the house they were staying at gets broken into. The girls were not even in Paris for a whole day before they were abducted out of their home.

The father traveled all the way to Paris and ended up finding many sex trafficking places where woman was being held and used for sex, these women were drugged up, sick, and exhausted. When he finally found his daughter, she was in the mist of be auctioned off to a different sex trafficking ring. What this all goes to show is that people are very manipulative and can be a part of sex trafficking rings, and you may not expect it. This can occur anywhere, by the people you may least expect it or never expect it from. In conclusion Human trafficking, is one of the very lucrative and expensive businesses that needs to be stopped. Sex trafficking is a crime that is worldwide where many men, woman, and children are abducted or manipulated into. This is a business where if people reported more crimes of prostitution and trafficking this could be stopped.

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