The Many Forms of Human Trafficking

All over the globe human trafficking has been in existence for thousands of years, it is the act of an illegal practices that transports men, women, and children from one country or area to another. (Rutgers University Campus Coalition Against Trafficking) Human trafficking is not only an issue in the United States, but also all over the globe. It is an issue that holds a variety of forms that misuse humans, for example, according to the many forms of labor include: domestic servitude, sex trafficking, forced labor, bonded labor, child labor, and forced marriages. Human trafficking has spread all over the nation whether we realize it or not, the internet is one of the main causes for the growth of human trafficking. The use of technology and internet helps the human traffickers target their victim to soon sell them online whether it be for sex trafficking or any other form of exploitation. One in five (five million children) receive an online solicitation or are approached for sex. (HeatWatch.Org) The excessive amount of victims in the United States happen to be girls and women of color who have been in contact with the child welfare system, according to Human Trafficking in the U.S.: Misconceptions vs. Reality, in the United States many of the sex trafficking victims have either ran away from their home, foster home, are homeless, and/or have aged out of the foster care system and are financially unstable for a home. Women are more often victimized in human trafficking rather than men, when it comes to sex labors and forced marriages. Men and boys, however, are trafficked into work labour, including the mining sectors, as porters, sectors and slaves. (Sustainable Development Goals) The United States Government has taken some action by funding Anti-Trafficking Programs, in hope that it could help raise awareness not only in the United States but also to other foreign governments so they too can take action when it comes to human trafficking. According to, U.S Government Entities Combating Human Trafficking, the government brings together federal departments and agencies to address the different views of human trafficking. The government has funded many programs to protect the victims of human trafficking, but that is needless to say that not always have those programs helped the survivors stay protected. There are many ways the people can help raise awareness of human trafficking to avoid the rate of victims to rise in the United States, and other countries. Many recommended resolutions according to the U.S Department of State includes learning the indicators of human traffickers, students organizing and coming together to raise awareness in their school and in their community, in a healthcare field learn how to indicate whether a person has been abused from traffickers and assist them, in businesses allow a job for survivors, and report any suspicions you have. If the people of the United States come together as one to fight human trafficking the rate of victims will lower and awareness will be risin.

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