Human Trafficking Needs to be Stopped

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Universally as a whole there are very few people who advocate for human trafficking. Overall it as seen as a problem that needs to be stopped. So the counterarguments come from the justifications of traffickers themselves. Why they feel as if what they're doing is in some way justifiable and society acceptable. The five justifications that Reyes Cazzies article The Mind of a Trafficker state are distortion, rationalization, social comparisons, blame shifting and dehumanization. Disorientation makes the trafficker feel as if what they are doing is okay. If they can somehow justify that the trafficking isn't trafficking at all then in their mind they are doing nothing wrong. (Reyes, 2016) For example in Japan the government needed a larger workforce so they brought in people from foreign countries and called it internships. Although this was legal often times some of these workers got trapped in debt and then forced to work for the rest of their lives because they owed money. (Reyes, 2016) The second justification is rationalization. That traffickers often feel like they are doing the victims a favor because they see themselves as lending a hand. They feel as if the victims would have no other way of obtaining work without them. (Reyes, 2016) Which in some cases is true that still doesn't make it okay to take advantage of someone because of their situation. Which leds to the third justification social comparisons. Using this comparison makes traffickers try and compare their victim's situations and how they treat them to more harsh ones. (Reyes, 2016) They feel as if, if they don't treat the victims bad then aren't apart of the issue so they aren't the ones to blame which is the fourth justification. (Reyes, 2016) Lastly dehumazation is a justification for traffickers it makes it to where traffickers feel as if those they are trafficking are inferior to them and deserving of exploitation. (Reyes, 2016) Although these justifications are commonly used to make human trafficking acceptable, along with the fact that human trafficking is a major source of wealth. At the end of the day they are still stripping away the basic rights of a human being often through manipulation and there is no justification for that wrong is wrong.
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