Human Trafficking is a Rising

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Skills and Strategies

The skills and strategies which I applied to read this article were that I first read the article. By reading the article first time I got little idea what is it about. The words which were difficult for me to understand I searched its meaning in a dictionary which helped me a lot to understand article half way. I read the article 2-3 times loud to understand article better and underlined the important points which I wanted to include in my summary. After making key points I made a research regarding the article, tried to understand some difficult words in my own language which made the reading easy for me. I asked questions to myself, putting myself in that particular situation and found out answers to the critical thinking of article.


Human trafficking is a rising concern which involves the trade of human for various purposes like sex, slavery and forced labor. It is very unfortunate that even with developing technologies and security systems around the world there is ever increasing trade of especially women and children mostly from developing countries. According to the International Labor Organization around 2.3 million people are victims of trafficking. In this article, the author Vanessa talks about how humans are forced for prostitute services and slavery, economic globalization as a faciliatory of human trafficking, victims and predators. how to prevent human trafficking, prosecution and how to protect them self from human trafficking. Basically, she says that the root cause of human trafficking is poverty. Developing countries use women and children as their investment, sell them for prostitution and slavery at very less money to developed countries. The money they get from developed countries increases the economy of the developing country. All this happens because of globalization, globalization increases a greater number of criminals and criminal activities. Worlds economy increases due to globalization. International labor organization estimates annual global profits $32 million. The needy people mostly become victims as they easily get attracted to the fake advertisements regarding jobs posted by predators and victims get trapped in their tricks. Many preventive measures and protection measures are taken to remove the root cause of trafficking like giving education, anti-trafficking laws enforcement, but still, predators always play safe and stay one step ahead of laws. They are having such a strong network that they don't get easily caught and human trafficking continues.

Critical Thinking

The author has explained how the effect of globalization is increasing the rates of human trafficking. Globalization which helps in growing the world's economy, the author wants to remove the roots of human trafficking by educating people, by taking help of laws. I totally agreed with the present article that its true globalization does increase human trafficking, women and children are forced into such things by giving unlawful payments or benefits. It surely increases economic growth, but the crime rates increase. Criminals get encouraged more and more day by day, they want to earn more money easily. The connections of mafia people are strong that they don't even get caught. They continue doing such activities more frequently and exploit poor and needy people. Definitely, this activity should be removed from the roots. For example, the government of developing countries should give a fixed amount of wages to people who are below the poverty line. Educating people regarding such a thing, how to handle such situations and how to protect and prevent themselves from human trafficking should be taught free of cost.

Yes, I have witnessed such a situation in a home country where innocent children are kidnapped and are tortured to beg at street lights. After kidnapping their body parts are damaged and parts like kidneys, eyes are sold. Some mafias are so clever that they run NGO for orphan children and use them wisely in exporting, importing and supplying drugs. When they feel a shortage of children they bring children from adoption houses. People even kidnap children to perform paranormal activities, to perform black magic. Some people have blind faith in such things and at the end don't get any profit by performing such activities. In fact, innocent people become victims and lose their life. Young girls under the age of 18 are sold and exported to men and are trained to entertain. The predator runs sex rachet so wisely that they don't even get caught. They export girls from one state to another state and from state, one border to another border during night time. Women are given schemes to earn more money by doing jobs and are later forced and assaulted. All this can be stopped only by educating people, making laws which really frightens predators, giving self-defense classes. The government should take some steps to make sure that how many NGO are fake and how many are registered. Securities should be so tight, that any kind of export should be caught easily, hidden cameras on roads should be placed to catch such activities.

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