How Will the Future be 10 Years from Now? (essay)

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How will the future be ten years from now? Will saving someone's life be easier? Will transportation be safer? Will the way we communicate change? We can be sure that everything will change due to the fact that technology evolves and advances. Will the world change for better or for worse? Revolution is happening right in front of our eyes. The rise of the Internet, and the advance of social media has changed the way we work, the way we live, and the way we make and maintain friendships. There are some individuals that are completely incapable of carrying on a normal conversation with their fellow peers in person because of their dependency on social media. Social networks are becoming one of the most reliable sources of communication. The more technology improves the more independent we become. We are spending too much valuable time maintaining connections with others through social media that we aren’t dedicating enough time to our surroundings. We're drifting apart from nature and not being aware of the obstacles to overcome. We need to interact with others to help us deal with situations that we are struggling with and have a different perspective towards the problem. Most of the time you don’t see the bigger picture you would if you weren’t in that situation.

The fact of the matter is, socializing is the key to unlock the independent side of who you are. Technology has drastically modernized since the beginning of automobiles. Cars will soon be self driven with the ability to drive and compute independently. This will let us kick back and relax, watch a film, or connect to the Internet. Is it a good idea to have flying cars? As technology advances it’s been said that we will soon have flying cars, and as we all heard this would be a good idea. When we hear the words “flying cars’’ our brains automatically think that’s a faster way to get around, but the truth is we don’t know yet. Since cars will be self driven, there will not be as many accidents. I believe that cars will be a bad idea because how are engineers suppose to make traffic lights on the sky and what if there's an accident where will the cars that crash go? Flying cars won't be as different and may possibly be worse than regular cars. Sure we may be able get to our destinations faster, but what if we have an accident or we run out of gas? If you start running low on fuel in the air it's not like you can just pull into a station and fill up. In addition, flying car's energy efficiency would be much lower compared to conventional cars and other aircraft; optimal fuel efficiency for airplanes is at high speeds and high altitudes,while flying cars would be used for shorter distances, at higher frequency, and lower speeds.For both environmental and economic reasons, flying cars would be an enormous use of resources. Living longer is happening due to the discovery of antibiotics, the first one being Penicillin in 1943. Before that drug became available, life was far more fragile. Now that technology has evolved, it's quicker to test out medicine and design new drugs. Soon the future 3D printers will eventually be able to print advanced medical equipment. This technology will allow research teams and hospitals to print prescription drugs at home, without ever having to go outside. Healthcare scientists will begin to create drugs to a person needs and begin to cure people individually. This will benefit people to maintain a healthy life.

A lot will change in the next ten years, some results will be positive while others negative. What we can do to prevent a certain thing from happening would be to take action and do what's best for ourselves and others. For instance, communication will definitely change in the next ten years, but we can do something about it. As technology grows day by day, our desire for the use of advance technology grows along with it as well, however this could result in people making a habit of using technology, causing them to become lazy. One way this could be prevented is by finding the appropriate time to use technology such as your phone or other devices. Due to the advance of our technology and the amount of information we could get in a minute, our books have become useless. So would you say that we are becoming lazier human beings or is it that we are trying to use our time wisely? We can be sure that everything will change due to the fact that technology evolves and advances. Will the world change for the better or for worse? No one can be sure of all the answers to all these questions but we will find out in the very near future.  

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