Dystopian Future

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The Purge films are a series of films based on a government that allows its citizens to “purge” once a year from sunset to sunrise. In this film To purge means to get rid of something or someone from society and the population overall through a violent manor. The government legalizes all crimes for twelve hours which allows citizens to kill, rape, steal, any other crimes that come to mind. During these twelve hours all emergency services including but not limited to police officers, firefighters, and EMT’s. The film is based on a future dystopia America, as the government attempts eliminate some of its large population. The government is overly involved in the killings themselves as they too send their own military trained soldiers to kill innocents. In addition to this the rich prey off the poor as they attempt to get rid of this population by bidding on killings. In the Purge Anarchy, Leo the protagonist of the film wants no part in the killings as he is suffering after losing his child to a drunk driver but gets involved little by little to the point where he is defending a girl and her daughter from the government itself.

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“Dystopian Future”

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The reason behind my choosing of this film is that this dystopia is very probable because the film is based of America and its future. America abides by certain laws and rules yet our government is always in a struggle to come into agreements on laws or changes to help our country succeed. With an increase in immigrants entering our country and those that have already entered on top of those born here, our population is increasing drastically. We have plenty of land for all of us to live in yet our government would rather use land for businesses and things that benefit anything but the people. If we take a look at history when the Native Americans first lived in the U.S. they were basically purged. They were slaughtered and eliminated in order for us to take over the land.

It has happened in the past and is very probable to happen. Something that was also futuristic in the film was the idea of steal doors gates and windows protecting homes through a high tech security system. Security system companies would thrive from something like the purge yet there are some holes as technology can easily be hacked by the right person. The main thing futuristic and probable from this film would be the killings themselves. I am sure people would be up for committing any crime possible without any penalty. Whether they’d be able to live with it or not is up to them. The rich will always remain at the top as money and power are the key. They are not held to the same standards or laws as the poor are many times. The rich will be protected during a realistic purge as they have the money and power to acquire the proper security measures necessary for survival

Just like The Purge, Blade Runner is a film based on a dystopian future based on human like robots created by a company known as Tyrell Corporations. Robots are banned from earth and sent to colonies outside of earth. Rick Deckard is a blade runner who hunts these human like robots which are actually known as replicants. A set of replicants who’s time are about to expire are after its creators and Deckard is forced to go after them. There are many elements from this film that are realistic, from replicants to blade runners. Cops and criminals or owners and slaves however you want to look at it. The idea that replicants have to go out of earth and basically be enslaved to work is realistic. So is the idea that they tried to escape back to earth and a cop was after them. The whole idea of the film is realistic, a power company with lots of money could indeed end up controlling the world with proper technological advances. Flying cars are very likely to happen some time in our future as we are already very advanced and other countries are even further ahead. Today we have devices that we can use voice command and video chat just as the film shows some type of device to video chat. 

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