How has Technology Progressed over the Years

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Technology is progressing more and more every day and it already takes part of the average citizen’s everyday life. It is progressing greatly as technology is aiding in many people’s lives and even helping some people survive. People may view technology progressing so quickly as a bad thing because they are taking jobs and some people believe that technology will eventually take over the world. Technology progressing so quickly may have many factors in the world, but humans will most likely slow down soon because of the availability of products and availability of the materials the new tech requires.

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“How has Technology Progressed over the Years”

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Technology has progressed so much over the years and the quickest to progress was the smartphone the first handheld phone was the Motorola Dyna-Tac costed $4000 and weighed 2.5pounds! The newest phone the iPhone XR cost $900 and only weighs 177 grams yet it has so much more technology like it has a touch screen and it has fac id which were only dreams in 1973 but amazing technology and inventors made it true. Cameras are also one of the most the most changed inventions, but they are one that changed the slowest the first camera was made in the 1800’s and it used a sliding wooden box to take photographs. And the first automatic camera came out in 1948 and it couldn’t hold pictures it had to print them out. And the first camera that was the most advanced and had the least issues came out in 2009 and now they’re everywhere.

Technology is slowly taking over the way that you live and the way that you are served at restaurants and in the grocery stores and it may soon be servicing you I everyday tasks like driving or cooking. One big thing that technology does for people is, it helps design houses and will show them how it may look once it’s done and not just a 3-D model of how they want it. Technology is making people calm and is making some peoples life fun and help them experience experiences they may never have the chance to experience because of a disability or maybe an illness with virtual reality which has so many different experiences like rock climbing, sky diving, and all sorts of games they can play, and it looks extremely real. Technology is even helping people survive through things people never thought they could survive through like comas machines help them breath while the cant because their brains shut down or even cancer as there are machines that use radiation in the persons to shorten the cancer or even get rid of it completely.

Technology is developing so quickly that some people think it will eventually take the world over just like in the Sci-Fi movies. People believe that technology will continue to develop so quickly, and they will eventually take all our jobs and possibly even leave the economy in shambles. The more extreme side of some people’s beliefs is that we’ll make robots and then they will take over and think for themselves and eventually kill us all which any sane human would know that’s not the case. It’s true that technology is progressing extremely fast, yet the takeover of technology isn’t coming anytime soon because the tech isn’t progressing that fast, but technology will most likely take some jobs like cashiers because its already being used as many people prefer to use the self-checkout line instead of an actual cashier. Technology taking over some aspects may be good for us because of human error with a machine or a robot the mistakes will be lessened. The human errors are a big factor in why technology advancing so quickly could be good, but another thing is the speed it’ll take for robots and machines to get things done rather than how fats it’ll take a human to get it done for example a human can’t run as fast as a car can drive so shouldn’t a robot be able to work faster than a human as well.

Technology has even changed in the kitchen as technology just doesn’t have to do with electricity or the internet even though that’s what most people associate it with. The refrigerator is used in every home and its one of the most used things in any kitchen. The refrigerator started as just an experiment with vapor compression but now it’s turned into one of the most popular inventions because it keeps foods fresh and safe to eat for an amount of time. Another huge kitchen gadget is the oven which is used for so many great desserts and so many great dishes. They were even used in ancient times to cook about everything because that was there only way of cooking, they used to be made from stone and were powered by extremely hot fires to cook the food because they had to get rid of all the germs and disease.

But now they are used to help develop the flavors in meat with all the new technology now we used metal and really hot light bulbs to heat and cook the food. The stove is even a huge change as now more than 96.8% of homes have a gas of electric stove when in the past only around 25% of homes had a gas or electric stove and in ancient time stoves weren’t even thought of because they had ovens and they believed that was their only method of cooking or they used smoke stoves which would put smoke into their lungs and would choke them to death because they didn’t know any better. Stoves are still heavily used to cook great foods and are used a lot more than ovens now when in the past ovens were used as the main source of cooking because it’s under the chef’s control and they like their meet cooked in a different way like rare, medium rare, medium, or well-done. And Chefs like to have the control in their hands so that they don’t get as many complaints or loss of customers.

So, in conclusion technology is one of the most advanced things in modern history and has some major parts in human life today. Technology helps so many people stay alive and it also helps so many people with things they need to do in their everyday life and is a huge aid to society in about everything we do and everything we need or may need. Technology warns us about so many things like hurricanes, death, tragedies, and it even helps us get in contact with people we may need when they are away from us. 

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