Future Will be Different

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“I, Robot” was a movie about discovering the ones self through learning the truth of the issues at hand, as well as dealing with personal issues from the past. The movie questioned a lot of things about artificial intelligence and how our world has been affected by it in the future, but also takes on the detectives past. The movie itself questions what we know currently to be true about AI and how it runs the world we live in, from phones to Siri and Cortana things we use every day. There is a lot of skepticism in the movie from the detective, and how he doesn’t “trust something that cant make a judgment call.” (I, Robot) A good portion of the movie was trying to get a better understanding of what happened to one of the main characters, and ultimately the ending explained it all.

The premise of the movie was that AI has taken over many things that we humans do daily, but they make it easier but what effect will that have on the human race. We in today’s society rely on technology for everything, what if one day that technology to over and started to control us breaking news it has. The movie is basically a premonition of the future, AI will be used in everything that we do. Will Smith’s character is someone that is skeptical of AI and he has every right to be, as he was traumatized by events in his past from a robot. After watching the movie I had a better understanding of what his issue was, but the ending shows that one can change their own perspective if we actually learn the truth with the knowledge we learn. Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s in front of us if we can’t overcome what we have dealt with from the past, it leaves us jaded.

Knowledge is something we learn to understand, truth is what actually comes from understanding that knowledge. When the detective see his friend that is dead and the robot running away he automatically believes he committed the crime, but later finds out why he did it. It is a very intricate command that these robots have that they cannot override a direct order. When the truth comes out then the knowledge he previously had was changed and therefore created a newer understanding of things. We have to find the answers that we are looking for in order to change the truth or better understand it. That was the whole idea of the movie, was learning that we are different but we are the same as these robots because we think and act differently. In my opinion our future will be different but inherently that same if we continue in the direction we are headed.

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