Machine Learning

I like solving real-world problems which involve a mix of conventional wisdom and out of the box thinking. I would like to place myself in a position of the Lead analyst, where I can hone my analytics skills to add some machine learning skills in my resume, solve the various type of analytics problems. I think I can play an important role of a cog in this wheel of marriage between Computer Science, Statistics and Artificial Intelligence better known as Machine Learning in today’s world. My long-term objective would be to achieve a Ph.D. in Analytics and try and implement whatever I have learned to solve complex real-world problems. This can be either in academics/research OR business/economics. I would like to inspire other people from my walk of life to achieve greater targets and overcome any hindrances which they may have in their path to glory and prosperity. After 7 years I would like to become a Data scientist, where I would be focusing on research in analytics.

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“Machine Learning”

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Experiential learning opportunities will help us to get new experience in our relevant fields, we would be able to add more skills to my portfolio. It is like Students when they complete the graduation, they have the skills, they have the theoretical knowledge. But there is a gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation. I believe that Experiential learning opportunities remove that gap and hesitation that a student has when he is entering into professional work culture. A student can implement their technical knowledge like SAS, SQL, R, Python, Data Science Hackathons & Machine Learning in the practical environment.

Even Student can check what are the skills and strengths he/she has and can improve more. I feel that using this method of writing skills and strengths and weakness, Now I feel focused and I know which skills to be improved. I can put on the chart and develop and step by step method to learn them.

After login to SAIL opportunity, I feel that I would be able to add more skills to my resume, I want to do planning, networking, and time management to improve my professional skills. Sometimes I feel that I am putting lots of effort, but not getting results. Even I think Strategic thinking and critical thinking skills are also very important that would definitive help me in my career path. Using SAIL app, I can see what are my weakness and what are my strong area? Now I can focus on weakness and try to make it as my strong area. I would be able to make my resume and cover letter perfectly. Even I can compare SAIL with google maps, where a student wants to reach a particular destination From A to B(Here it means student wants to define career path where he/she want to reach). And SAIL guides you to reach towards your destination B. Student can improve his/her skills related with professional, Civic, Global, Well and intellectual. They can track their progress and Build a strong cover and Resume for their goals and Career. 

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