How to be a Productive Citizen

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Hello, in this essay I will be explaining how to be a productive citizen. Lets begin, there are many ways to become a productive citizen, here’s a lot we all should know. Get a job, provide for your family, donating to the poor, following laws and rules, volunteer to be active in your community, be honest and trustworthy, be informed about the world around you, respect the property of others and most important of all, take responsibility for your actions.

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“How to be a Productive Citizen”

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The benefits of helping your community.

First of all helping your community has been proven to reduce stress combating depression keeping you mentally stimulated as well as providing a sense of purpose as well as making you feel like a better person over all just for helping out the people in your community.

I mean you really have nothing to lose. Okay let’s move on.

Ahem, Now we will move onto laws.

Just because there is so many laws and there is no way I can cover them all we’ll just cover only a few mostly like 1-3, Okay let’s get started. Don’t rob don’t steal respect police officers and you might end up still alive at the end of the confrontation, another law is to respect sound pollution laws, don’t blast music past 11PM cause I have encountered the exact problem especially in the summer as there is more party’s and I can say for myself that it’s not fun waking up at 12PM to someone blasting very obnoxious music. Lets cover another one, don’t speed in a residential zone especially without lights on at night, first off think of the family’s you’re endangering and your own life your endangering especially if your driving an old car you’re just spelling your own death..

Now we’re explaining civil duties, Are you still with me?

Okay well who cares cause I’m still going to start.

One that we all know is, obeying laws of the country, paying taxes on time or you’ll go to jail. Man it’s so funny when you see a kid rushing to be an adult and your like woah kid slow down then they reply, no i can’t wait to pay taxes. Okay back on track, serving as a jury or as a witness to a court case. As Well as registering to vote.

I don’t care what you say everyone’s vote count, people who say, It doesn’t matter as I am only one single vote

EXCUSE ME NOW LOOK WHAT YOU CAUSED CAUSE NOW WE GOT TRUMP. Okay okay welp that’s all I got hope you enjoyed.

I don’t care who I offended with that trump statement.

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