How to Become a U.S. Citizen

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“How to Become a U.S. Citizen”

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Part A: Questions and Responses Question Notes on Interviewee Response

  1. What inspired you to become a U.S. citizen?
  2. I was inspired to become a U.S. citizen for my children, I believed that it would benefit them and their future.

  3. What steps did you have to take as part of the naturalization process?
  4. I used to take classes to learn English a couple fo years ago, but I didn’t have time after that. Working has really helped me with my English and practicing it in real life. Before taking my citizenship test, I went to a tutor and made me practice with questions that might have been on the test. This really helped me, because many of the questions were on the actual test.

  5. How would you describe how you felt about the process?
  6. I was extremely nervous, I have major anxiety, but I was determined to pass it because I have waited so long. I have been prolonging it or years but when the time actually hit to do it, I was a wreck.

  7. How has citizenship changed your life?
  8. Well I travel a lot, so it has affected me in that sense. I don’t have to have an extra stop at the airport in other countries or when I come back because I’m a citizen now. I also believe that in this country I have rights which I didn’t have in Cuba, in Cuba you are limited to the things you can say and do.

  9. Is your daily life different because of citizenship?
  10. I am protected Here in America, because I’m a citizen. If something were to happen I would be protected and given rights. Being a citizen means that I have opportunities that others don’t. For example my brother is still in Cuba and I have to send things over there because him and his family just can’t afford thing that we take for granted here:

  11. Do you feel the process was worthwhile?
  12. Now looking back at it, I did take me a while to actually do the test, but I believe it was worth it because the benefit that I got from it will always benefit me and my children.

  13. If you had to, would you do it again? Please explain.
  14. If I had to, I would do it again because the opportunities that I have here are greater than the opportunities I would have in my home country.

  15. Would You tell others that they should be citizens as well
  16. I would because I believe that it would benefit, everyone involved. Themselves, their children, their other family. If they have the money I would recommend it.

Part B: Write a two-paragraph reflection of the naturalization process. Use the following questions as a guide:

The purpose of the naturalization process is for immigrants to become U.S. citizens. At first the person has to apply for citizenship, they must complete an application, and participate in a interview and then take a civic and English test, this also involves different fees, it is a very long process. I believe that the process works well because it protects the current citizens and doesn’t allow just anybody to become a citizen. The process does achieve its goal becomes it allows you to have rights and opportunities like any other citizens. Even if you start just studying the questions, thats a step in the right direction.

I would not change anything because, I believe that the process will over time just include that people who really want to be a citizen. I would not like to change the process, the process makes it so that only people who are truly motivated will finish it. The process is so long and tiring that It would make anyone who isn’t ready procrastinate it for a long time. The benefits out weigh all the time and effort you have to go and study for. Once you are a citizens you have just as many rights as everyone else, not only human rights but citizen right which not many other countries have. Living a better life and providing for your family will encourage anyone willing to become a citizen.

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