The Primary Goal of the Jim Crow Laws – Segregation

In the North, some states allowed blacks to have a privilege to vote for president in the election. Some states required blacks to own property to vote, schools and neighborhoods were segregated, and businesses displayed whites only signs(History). African Americans still could not go to white schools or live in the same neighborhoods as whites. Blacks were not allowed to show public affection toward each other because it offended whites. Blacks and whites were not supposed to eat together. If they did eat together, whites were to be served first, and some sort of partition was to be placed between them(Kennedy.S, 1959/1990). White people did not want black people to get their food before them because blacks will feel like they are equal to whites.

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“The Primary Goal of the Jim Crow Laws – Segregation”

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The government was trying to help the black community as much as they can but it wasn’t going well. The government attempted to help rebuild the south during this time, and assist with displaced African Americans and poor white farmers(Vicki Galer, 2013). Most black men had the rights to vote in state but women still could not vote in the states. During the Reconstruction era, African American men began to gain some power in politics, and with the ability to vote(Vicki Galer, 2013). This will help men take care of their family and get some good people in the office that will help their society. As Democrats began to regain power in the southern states, laws were passed to limit the ability of blacks to vote and hold office(Vicki Galer, 2013). Black men will help their family but not as much as they want to help them. And the government can help the black community get the rights that they deserve to have.

Conclusion of Jim Crow Laws

The government tried to help end Jim Crow laws that separated African Americans and whites in the southern states in the United States. In 1875 an attempt to revert the Jim Crow laws to give black people equal rights as the whites in the southern states was passed but had very little effect(Milner, 2013). This mean that the attempt did not go as well as they planned it to go because the white people still wanted to be separate from blacks. After African Americans received the right to vote and freedom, the Jim Crow laws were created to limit these rights(History). This made African Americans and whites equal in the United States. But in Mississippi and Georgia, black people was denied the rights to vote in the south of the United States.
The Jim Crows were promoted as separate but equal; however, the primary goal of the Jim Crow laws was segregation. And doing that time black people could not do want they want because they were separate from white people and did not have equal rights. White leaders created and used these laws to limit the rights of African Americans and to control the African American population in the South(History). They did not want African Americans in the South because they did not want to be around them and they did not want them using the same bathrooms and water fountains that they was using. African Americans were forced to use separate public facilities, ride at the back of buses, and live in segregated communities.

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