Social Justice Concept in Law Abiding Citizen

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The film I will be doing is Law Abiding Citizen directed by F. Gary Gray. The topic I will be choosing for this film is how Law Abiding Citizen shows the truth of how the American justice system is broken. I chose this topic because many people don’t know what really goes on behind closed doors in Justice System, this film helps us understand what really happens. People don’t realize the psychological effects of going through the court process has on someone. We see this in the film because we see the emotions the main character goes through trying to fight for justice. I chose this movie because it brings to light, the truth of what really is wrong in the justice system. Also, this movie is not as popular as others, I wanted to choose a movie that seems like not everyone knows about, that maybe it will bring others to watch it, and realize the same things I did. I plan to research this topic by researching things that has happen similar to the character, but has happened in real life.

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“Social Justice Concept in Law Abiding Citizen”

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I feel like giving examples of what has happened in real life that are similar to the movie will prove my case how the justice system is broken. Also, try to find movies similar to this and see what similarities along with differences the movies have. Another thing I would like to do is to analyze how the character has changed from the beginning to the end when it comes to them going through the justice system. My main argument is how this film shows the truth of how the American Justice System is broken. My main points are how people take plea deals and get lesser sentence even though they committed a horrible crime. We see this proof in the movie, we see that the criminals got a lesser sentence than they were supposed to. If one testified they would get lesser sentence so one of the defendants testified about the crime so they could be charged with a third degree murder charge with a five-year sentence. Another point is that justice system for victim and not the success of the lawyer.

The lawyer, Nick Price, we see that he really tries to care about the victims but he cares about his success much more. Nick Price is reluctant about losing this case so he finds a way to cut a deal for the attackers so he has a higher chance in winning. My third point is how does high profile case make a roller coaster ride for the victim. We can see the emotions Clyde goes through during the case. He goes from being happy because he believes he will get justice but ends up being broken apart knowing the justice system did not help him. My last is how the victims have to fight for their own justice. In many cases we don’t really see the justice system fighting for us, we have to fight to see a difference and this is exactly what Clyde did, to get his own justice for his family, he went on a killing spree and killed anyone who was associated with the case.

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