Women’s Suffrage – we the People

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The journey for women achieving the right to vote has been very long and certainly not easy. A total of 131 years after the initial implementation of the United States Constitution, women were at last explicitly included in ‘We the People.’ That is indeed something to celebrate. The work of thousands of women and men finally came to a reality. A new dawn has come, and women can look to a brighter future and feel their voices were heard. Women will no longer have to feel trapped with the title of wife and the task of caring for their children and household duties only. And single women would not be stuck with the old maid title and becoming teachers or working in a factory for a career choice. They will now have the ability to participate in voting and feel a self-accomplishment.

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“Women’s Suffrage – we the People”

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There are not man pros to list for the 19th amendment because the right itself is a great achievement. Women can now feel a part of society and feel their rights of equality have been granted. They now can feel join in own issues concerning politics and they can run for politics. They can feel comfortable about furthering their education and career path. Going to college, becoming a doctor, working in law and sciences may now become a reality. The would be able to vote on issues to help their families: better schools, work conditions, and food conditions.

Although, the passing of the 19th was a great accomplishment there are still some cons to this law. Not all women and men would still have the ability to vote. Even with the abolishment of slavery, some black men and women cannot vote due to the Jim Crow laws. Some blacks have had to endure violence for trying to vote. There are cases where they have been threatened, beaten, houses have been burned down and some have lost their jobs for trying to vote. Also, some states require literacy test and property test. Test to see if you can read and write making sure you understand what you are voting for and the requirement of owning land. Not only are some blacks not able to vote but, certain classes of people can face restrictions with voting. An example of this would be the poll tax law. This tax of one to two dollars has to be paid prior to voting and in some cases states nine months prior to voting. This would make it difficult for those who are unable to pay the tax and preventing them to meet the voting requirements. These examples sad and cruel and takes away some of the feeling of celebration for the women’s accomplishment. Yet with the cons there can still be some hope and with this amendment this can open the doors to more opportunities for everyone having the ability to vote.

In conclusion, just as change came for women after enduring a long struggle for their voices to be heard, change can happen for the right for everyone to be able to freely vote without pressure or consequences. Maybe using the same tactics, the women did by the organizing, campaigning, rallying, protesting, and last but not least not giving up which paid off in the end. Now women can feel they are no lesser to men with regards to help shaping the plans and goals of the nation. And it is good to know that men were also part of the fight for them to vote. I am sure they thought about their mothers, daughters, sisters and wives too knowing they should have a say in their future and the future of the country. Thank you, men, for helping with the fight.

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