How Emotionally Intelligent are You?

Many people today believe your IQ, intelligence quotient, is more important than your EQ, emotional quotient or intelligence, however I do not believe this. Emotional intelligence is ones understanding of their feelings and emotions as well as those of others. Emotional intelligence also gives you the ability to control and evaluate your emotions. A persons emotional intelligence may determine their communication skills, empathy towards others, ability to overcome hard work, and problem-solving skills. Emotional intelligence may affect your performance, mental health, and physical health. Intelligence quotient, IQ, is a number derived from a standard intelligence test (IQ or EQ: Which One is Important?). Your IQ measures visual and spatial processing, knowledge, reasoning, short term and working memory. People with high IQs are believed to be more successful in life.

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“How Emotionally Intelligent are You?”

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They are known to do well in school, earn more money and be healthier. In the workplace, employers want those who have outstanding emotional intelligence. Your emotional intelligence is the first thing they recognize when you come in for an interview, the way you greet people, the way you look at them and the way you present yourself is also a part of it. Employers need people with good present themselves in a professional manner. They are always looking for people willing to accept new challenges, take on manager duties, and make sure everything is done and to the supervisors asking. A person who doesnt present themselves in a professional manner often fail in the workplace. Those who are always tired from lack of sleep and not enough time to recover before working often do not feel energized enough to work. When facing difficult tasks, this may have uncontrollable thoughts running through their head. They may be thinking about how they are going to pay a bill, washing the car, or even feeding their animals at home. This is where your emotional intelligence becomes important. It lets your mind know that you are wondering too much, and that you should focus on the task at hand and let the rest fall in line. One must learn their own emotional triggers and methods to control them before they try to help others.

An individual develops emotional intelligence overtime. Your emotional intelligence is developed through life experiences and reactions. One must take roles that involve interactions with people around you. Volunteering could help build you emotional intelligence, preferably with old people or those who are disabled. Volunteering in this kind of environment will allow you to develop feelings and understand the feelings of those who do not have the ability to live an everyday life like we do. If you want to get paid in the process, make it a part-time job to work with others and get a feel of teamwork. Getting involved in activities at school can also help. Social and emotional learning programs are available to those who have a hard time improving their emotional intelligence (Overview of Emotional Intelligence). The main goal for this program is to help those students be successful in the classroom and prevent bullying. One can also improve their emotional intelligence by observing how you react to others, by putting yourself in their shoes and accepting their perspectives and needs. Paying attention to those in the workplace could also help. Instead of always looking for the spotlight, giving other employees a chance to shine is also good. Self-evaluate yourself to determine your weakness and change your life. Taking responsibility for your actions is a way to improve your emotional intelligence.

Being more forgiving rather than forgetting if they make mistakes. Emotional intelligence plays an important role in my everyday personal life as well as educational and in my career. I believe my emotional intelligence is still a work in progress. When I am working I tend to focus my attention more on the customers that come through my line than myself. Of course, that is standard practice in any workplace, but I do it because I want the customer to know I care. When customers approach the register, I will speak to them and ask about their day, or about some of the ingredients they are buying keep their shopping experience better. I may notice a coworker off to the side who is a little off, sad or mad, so I speak to them to see how they are feeling and if they may want to talk about it. Making sure the people around me are fine makes me feel much better about myself. There are times I may not be as interested and will not say anything which makes customers and my coworkers see me as rude or sad sometimes. The goal is to be able to go every day with a positive attitude and making it a about them versus me.

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