Homosexuals are Bad and Heterosexuals are Good

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Why do they hate me? Homophobia: unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality. Homophobia has been on earth since the beginning of time and or religion. Its being flushed away by religion because its man with woman, not man with man. Now this doesn’t make them bad people, they have just been raised with the belief that homosexuals are bad. They think that what they are doing is what God wants and don’t understand the harm they are causing to others.Those who fear or hate homosexuals have been known to be religious or have been religious. Most parents have taught their children homosexuals are bad and heterosexuals are good. Most will ask if you’ll hit on them because they think you could change their own sexuality. We could hide from this hate by finding help centers, confiding in friends and family, and looking the good effects on society they have.

LGBT community centers are places that service the LGBT youth, seniors, adult men and woman. Center link is one of those places. They are in 45 states, they are also in puerto rico, the district of columbia, canada, china, and australia. Woo hoo! They help standing centers stand stronger and they provide direct services.

Most LGBT people are afraid to come out to their family and/or friends. They are fearful that their peers and family won’t accept them. Family members and friends can seem like they have a hate or fear for LGBT. some in fact do but others might not. If you feel that family won’t accept you, go to your friends. If your family accepts you and your friends don’t. Find new and better friends.

More children are being adopted by the LGBT! Adoption rates have gone up, at least 6-14 million adopted children live with same sex parents. Same sex couples are actually more likely to adopt a child than opposite sex couples. Children have shown to be just as happy with same sex parents.

Help is always around you, friends and/or family will be there for you and they just as good as parents who are straight. LGBT people aren’t bad, they are good people too.






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