Major Problem in American Society

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 The one major problem in American society – besides of course, the surprising amounts of murder and rape, domestic abuse, an influx of both legal and illegal immigrants, rising poverty levels, and the lack of quality health care – is homosexuality. Homosexual marriages is an unprecedented offense because it interferes with the natural idea of heterosexual relationships and marriages. Americas homosexual population is estimated to be about 15% with a maximum margin of sampling error at ±5%. Homosexuals are taking work opportunities that other Americans desperately need.

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“Major Problem in American Society”

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By ridding the country of this menace, there will be more employment available to the public and will strengthen the economy. I propose, as a solution to this rising problem, that we make homosexual marriage illegal once again. The remaining homosexuals will be deported to concentrated encampments. There, the homosexuals will be put to work to make up for the economic costs that will amount in building these sites. I think the advantages and importance of this proposal outweighs the burdens and are of the highest importance.

First, homosexual relationship are not complementary by nature because they cannot have children and are therefore undeserving of the word marriage. To get rid of the homoerotic public, America needs to show pride in its lasting natural marriages, like the 72-day marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries as well as Britney Spears 55-hour marriage to Jason Allen Alexander. Imagine how the institution of homosexual marriages is tainting this scared system. If homosexuals are given the freedom to marry, they will display their homosexuality more openly.

Secondly, the institution of homosexual marriage would also permit homosexual couples to the adopt children. To develop best, children need two parents who could naturally produce children themselves; they need a fertile mother and a fertile father. Therefore, my definition of homosexual is inclusive of single prospective parents, infertile couples, and the elderly. Likewise, homosexual parents will develop homosexual children, just like all heterosexual parents develop heterosexual children. Thirdly, America is not known a country for change; women are still a mans rightful property, slavery is still tolerated, and divorce is still illegal. The institution of homosexual marriage would also require schools to promote an education about tolerance, which would require the firm establishment of morals. In America, we pride ourselves on arbitrary and unstable morals.

The establishment of a solid, unquestioned set of morals due to the teaching of tolerance in school is far too stable. Fourthly, many religions claim that God loves everyone, such as in The Book of Mormon, prophet Nephi testified that I know that [God] loveth his children (1 Nephi 11:17). However, in all his children, homosexuals are not included. Recently, protesters have been saying that these gays will be burnt in hell for their sins because they are anathema of the human race. If these gays are to burn in hell, then why should we allow them to live out their lives? It seems unreasonable to support these people into making something out of their lives when they are a disgrace to God. I propose that we burn them alive in public places so they serve as an example to the American public.

By doing so, the general American population will feel cleansed in regards to homosexuals and their gay-specific sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, this burning could be considered a new entertainment. Just like family movie night, feel free to bring your children and snacks along to watch conflagrations filled with screaming and dying sinners. This will teach your children that God really only loves those that have an attraction to the opposite sex.

Fifthly, In psychology, there is a phenomenon that is known as the mere-exposure effect which states that people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them. Similarly, If homosexuals are allowed to marry, they will be able to show off their sexuality with ease and confidence and spawn more homosexuals. The repeated exposure to homosexual tendencies will make people more comfortable with those attributes and will begin to accept and copy them. Homosexuality is, thus, a trait that can rub off like every other trait of a person, such as height, skin tone, and eye color. Sixthly, with all the homosexuals gone, Americas economy will be booming. Better jobs that gays once held will be available to those who are straight and the resources that were used to feed and house them will be reinstated into the local financial institutes.

However, if there was a nationwide acceptance of homosexuals and their rights, many people would go out of business. Lawyers are a strong example of this because they thrive on settling disputes over laws that are contradictory, and that differ state-to-state. If we promote the peculiarity of homosexuals, they are more likely to commit suicide, thus decreasing the surplus population and restrengthening our economy.

I propose this solution for the public good of the American citizens, as well as for the motive that it will increase economic stability, end civil resistance and keep America associated with permanence and inequality. We could just ignore the fact that they’re homosexual because love is just love, no matter who it’s with, but no. We must protect marriage by preventing people who are genuinely in love from getting married. We will pry into their personal lives and announce them to be the sinners they really are. Ultimately, homosexuals have not done much for humanity, but neither have heterosexuals. However, homosexuals are captivated by their own gender, and that cannot go unpunished. I truly believe that this proposal will result in success, for as a homosexual myself, I can give an unbiased opinion, and have nothing to gain from it. 

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