Is Homosexuality the Issue?

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The issue of homosexuality is quite current and is being played with more regularity in the press, in popular debates, and even reaching tv shows. Every second that passes people are moving away from the word of God and his principles. Homosexuality is clearly an act that God does not support, but adoption of people of the same sex is a subject that goes even beyond. The Ten Commandments are ten laws in the Bible that God gave to the nation of Israel shortly after his exodus from Egypt. Those ten laws are the key for Christians and their connection with God. The 5th commandment says: Honour thy father and thy mother. making clear reference to the purpose of God on the formation and relationship of individuals to their father and mother. The positioning of the Church in general has been very negative in the evaluation of this type of sexual position or behavior. Historically speaking, the Christian Church, both Catholic and Protestant, has always condemned "homosexual practices." For it was based on one hand on the philosophy "natural", and on the other, in the same biblical sources.

Homosexuality is a perversion of God's design and a homosexual couple cannot form a family, according to God's definition of a family (Genesis 1:28; 2:24.) Many people might say that they do not follow the Christian religion and that they do not recognize a God as their maximum leader, so this statement do not apply for them.However, United States is considered a Christian country which follows and names the name of God, as, for example, in the bills or licenses that are used throughout the country. A country that is considered christian, should not allow practices that go totally against the rules that God has given.

Children who are raised by parents of the same sex have to follow the same sexual tendencies that their parents practice. With the passage of time the children will begin to feel attraction for people of the same-sex just like their parents, and they will see normal that since it was what they saw from an early age. Studies shows that Children raised by lesbigay parents are significantly more likely to experience homoerotic attraction, to consider homosexual relationships, and to engage in homosexual behavior. Golombok and Tasker 1996 was a longitudinal study of the sexual orientation of adults who had been raised as children in lesbian families. This study compares children raised by heterosexual and homosexuals parents. It found that 36% of children raised by lesbian mothers reported a same-sex attraction, compared to only 20% of those raised by heterosexual mothers (Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy).

It should be noted that of the 20% of the children raised by heterosexual mother, none of them had experienced any type of homosexual relationship at the time. However that is not all, 33% of the daughters of lesbian mothers identified themselves as homosexual(Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy). It can be clearly observed how the percentages are higher and with homosexual inclinations, when adoptive parents are of the same sex. The possibility that parents heterosexuals have a homosexual child will always be there, however, the chances of a child to adopt the life of a homosexual is higher when they are raised by parents of the same sex. when saying that, the LGBT population would be gaining more populism because of the adoption of people of that group, they would be passing from generation to generation the homosexual legacy and at the same time not fulfilling the word of God. On the other hand, children who are not affected in the definition of their sex, can be harmed in the future when forming a family.

The role that parents play when it comes to raising their children is very important, as this prepares them for the future. Children follow as an example the performance of their parents at home, and learn from them how to live together in a marriage. The fact that a child grows up in an environment in which their parents are from the same sex can create confusion when it comes to forming a family (Plantingseeds). Because at home they did not have a clear example of how to live with a person of opposite sex.

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