Homophobia Research

I am writing about homophobia and I’m going to explain how they were treated, specifically in the 1900s. Homophobia is and was a huge debate within our world. Many people absolutely go against it, saying that it is not natural. At the same time, what is normal? In the 1900s, homophobia was a wicked time. Most people back then denounced homosexuals. Specifically, gays. Not necessarily lesbians because that wasn’t a huge issue for them. Men had to fear to be themselves for such a long time. On June 26, 2015, the US legalized same-sex marriage and the ability for them to adopt children. So, if they changed the law, then why does homophobia still exist? II For many years, homosexuals were viewed as not equal or just as freaks. In reality, they just are people who like the same-sex. The whole concern with homosexuality is based on religion. Many people who believe in god or another form of the idea, say that it is a sin. That God said that it is a sin for a man to lie with another man the same way they do with women. Then, humans decided to go with that saying and abolish those who betrayed God’s words. A single bible page should not be worth a human’s life. God said Love Thy Neighbor. That quote alone can make numerous of the problems that happen today, gone. For decades, homosexuality was intensely stereotyped and frowned upon. Being gay was not normal and or disturbing. In 2018, thankfully, people are more open-minded. In the year 1967, gays and bisexual men could share their freedom.

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However, between 1967 and 2003, 30,000 gay and bisexual men were detained(COOTTDA). So for about a whole four generations, gays and bisexuals would have to fear and conceal their true selves. Those who weren’t afraid to be who they are were detained as it was still strongly disapproved. Now sure, the US and most countries have legalized same-sex marriage. Unfortunately, 2.9 billion people still live under laws which criminalized same-sex relationships. That’s nearly half of the world’s population(ALHOH). Also, to be precise, there are more than 70 countries where homosexual acts are illegal. The death penalty is in place for same-sex sexual acts in at least 10 countries(PPAP:GRATW). For the people who identify as part as the LGBT, these laws are preventing them to be them. It is not fair that people who identify as LGBT in the US can freely express who they are and their sexuality without getting punished. For those who live where it is illegal, even staring at someone for too long you can be detained for showing homosexual tendencies.

Bars, restaurants, and carbets were threatened with loss of their liquor license if they employed homosexuals. 50,000 men were arrested for being openly gay, Many gays were threatened with police raids, harassment, and the loss of their jobs (AGVAF). Most men were afraid and kept quiet about who they are. Those who spoke up and fought for what they believed in (in that case it was the right to be treated with the same respect and to be protected by laws. Even though they may have lost everything, they still stayed strong and fought harder. For many centuries this has been going on but now, it is slowly coming to an end.

Many lives were lost and many innocent people were killed. Henry Vll passed a law making male homosexuality punishable by death. In 1835, the last two men were hanged from this law (ABHOH). Many of them were open viewing and people were able to see them pass away. This law was intolerable but it stayed in effect for decades. The effects of this lasted for centuries. Many people, to this day, are still afraid that this might happen to them. Sure, it’s legalized but that doesn’t stop people. In 1992, correction camps were created. Correction camps are basically a camp where they try to convert the LGBT into straights. In the past, some mental health professionals resorted to extreme measures such as institutionalization, castration, and electroconvulsive shock therapy to try to stop people from being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (BP: TFACT). Democrats are trying to pass a law where in Colorado, correction camps should be banned. It passed the first test but is still legal. This is devasting news since numerous people are still suffering.

III Since this problem, people turned against each other for our differences. It has caused more hatred and conflicts within our nation. There has been a mass shooting, in Orlando which killed 49 people and it is possibly caused by a hate crime. Those 49 lives were taken just because they were apart of the LGBT community. If this problem isn’t solved, the world will just crash. We will begin to just despise each other for our differences. Our nation has a chance of crumbling and going back to our old ways. Let’s not forget what those old ways are: correction camps, torture, dismembering body parts, being killed, and the loss of their jobs. We honestly can’t risk going back into our old ways. Mostly because it will probably kill more people than ever before. The people in this world will turn against each other. There is so much hate in the world that countless people wonder when will it stop. The answer to that question is, it will end when we decide that it will end. We continue to lengthen this discrimination thing. If we don’t stop this now, then the future generations will have to clean up what these three generations did. IV The only solution we have to this problem is if we grow up and accept each other and treat each other with respect. You don’t have to agree with it, but you still need to treat the person with respect.

Suprise! They are still human beings. So, start being kind to your family, friend, co-worker, and basically everyone. What won’t work is people just telling other people to be more open-minded. The reason why that won’t work is that, simply, people generally don’t listen to other’s suggestions or advice. What also won’t work is being positive about this subject. Sure, things have gotten way better. Still, that doesn’t mean it is finished. We’ve come along way, but we still have a long way to go. The only thing stopping us from doing this is us. V The question, why does homophobia still exist, will never be accurately answered. This generation has made such progress with this type of issue. All the generations need to work together and understand each other. Each generation has had different struggles and it’s about time that the human race comes together and helps each other out in this struggle we call life. It would be easier for humans to work together than against each other.

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