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By Josiah Carr

Planning a wedding is stressful for almost any couple. But planning a gay wedding may add an extra layer of stress onto the planning of your special day. Being in Tennessee, couples may have to do additional research to determine if their venue, florist, caterer, etc. are LGBT+ friendly. Here are some tips for planning the ultimate gay wedding.

THE OUTFIT - If you are inviting friends and family from far and wide to attend your gay wedding, all of your guests will be highly anticipating what you will be wearing. I recommend finding a designer that celebrates the love that you two share. If you are shopping locally, I recommend working with the insanely talented Olia Zavozina. She works hand in hand with clients to design the outfits of their dreams. Whether you are looking for a pantsuit, a stunning gown with a cape, or a custom 3-piece suit, Olia can hook you up! 

INCLUDE THE CHILDREN - Growing up in the south as a gay male, I wasn’t around gay men and women growing up enough. I recently had the pleasure of planning a same-sex wedding here in Nashville. The families were sure to include the children to pass out programs and gave a few kids the honorable roles of ring bearer and flower girl. I think it’s important for our generation to encourage the next generation to see love, not confined to orientation or gender, but to truly see love universally.

A BANGIN’ PLAYLIST - If your guests are coming to your Gay Wedding, you better believe it’s important to show them a good time on the dance floor. Gaga, Ariana, Betty Who — let the anthems ring!

ALL CUSTOM EVERYTHING - I often encourage my clients to have at least one custom piece involved in their wedding. This could be the Altar piece, a piece of furniture, or even a small box that hold cards. It’s a way to have a special piece of your wedding to keep for years to come. I have had the pleasure of working with Syzygy Events based in DC to create custom pieces with my clients in the past. This company also loves and celebrates the LGBT community. 

THE HONEYMOON - There are several LGBT tourism agencies available throughout the country and around the world. These companies have partnered with hotels and restaurants globally that don’t tolerate the LGBT+ community but instead celebrate the community. I have worked with Pink Iceland to help plan an exciting getaway and would highly recommend Iceland for a quick 5-hour flight to another planet.

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