Global Warming Emissions

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In the eighteenth century, the Industrial Revolution took over fossil fuels to power the economy, leading to an increase an economic stability within industries. As we all know, fossil fuels are an organic matter that is made from the remains of flora and fauna. Flora is from plant life and fauna from animals, which is apart of our ecosystem. When the fuels are burned, they release toxins and global warming emissions. This causes harm to our air and water pollution. Air and water pollution does not just affect our environment but the health of people within our society. I realized the harm industries are making to our environment and living organisms, after reading the novel, We’re Fighting for Now is Each Other: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Climate Justice, written by Wen Stephenson. Stephenson sheds light to his readers by revealing examples of courageous individuals who have tried to make a change on the destruction of climate change in America.

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“Global Warming Emissions”

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For instance, free landscape is what some money hungry people look for to form businesses in hopes of gaining economic growth. These businesses are developed to form the industries in which have been successful for a long time. These successful industries are fuel oil and gasoline. However, to try to help ease the production of fossil fuel industries heating up our planet and destroying it, Tim DeChristopher attempted to buy out land. Tim DeChristopher is a climate activist who took a stand in a nonviolent form. He became a registered bidder in a Bureau of Land Management auction. DeChristopher’s resistance of climate justice allowed him to “win bids worth $1.8 million for some twenty-two thousand acres of public land near Canyonlands National Park-bids he had no way of paying”. Pretending to be a bidder, not having the money, and not having the intentions of constructing industries in the land space, got him into prison and was fined. By taking a stand, he hoped for America to have a healthy and fair environment. In my opinion, DeChristopher did a good deed for our environment. Having ownership of the land space would allow society to build more eco systems. And having more eco systems would assemble various services benefiting people.

These benefits would include clean drinking water, decomposition of waste, and natural pollution of different types of plants and trees. These positive changes would make our environment a consistent use of natural resources for society. On the other hand, I really liked how Stephenson used Frederick Douglass as the person whom we should be inspired too for his resilience to transform our world. Douglass created a movement for justice in America in order to help our world. He states, “If there is no struggle there is no progress”. This quote gave me inspiration to help fight for climate justice as Tim DeChristopher did. DeChristopher’s prison charges showed his struggle in attempting just for America. I realized climate justice is a struggle people in society go through in order to help stabilize our world. But, stabilizing our world we live in takes time to do.

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