We should Talk about Global Warming

Kameron Murray

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“We should Talk about Global Warming”

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Dr. Ritch Etchberger

One of the ways I think that the world will change in the next 25 years is the way and the amount of food that is produced and processed. With all of the talk of global warming and the causes of it, I believe it will affect what, and how food is grown and processed.

According to an online article from Environment Reports Food Matters, there is currently enough food for about 7 billion people. Of the 7 billion people, about 1 billion suffer from hunger and malnutrition. The article predicts that by 2050 there will be more than another 2 billion people. With the influx of people, crop production will need to increase between 60 and 100 percent. With people in the world already starving, we as a global nation need to figure out how to feed fellow humans.

One of the issues we are facing that effects our food is the availability of potable water. According to an article in Taylor & Francis Online, our water supply is being threatened due to the heavy usage for domestic, agriculture, industry, and other commercial activities in reversing poverty and food security

Earth only has so much water, so even with the incline of population, there is not an incline of water production.

With the increase of food prices and population, our diets may need to change. According to BBC News our diets may include insects as a staple. As the article states, insects provide as much nutritional significance as ordinary meat and are a great source of protein. It costs less to raise insects than it does to raise cattle. The Dutch Government is putting a lot of money into introducing insects into our diets. The insects would be ground up to resemble the burgers and sausage that we are currently consuming. Some countries already enjoy caterpillars, locusts, and wasps in their diet. Quite frankly, I can not fathom the thought of eating a grilled bug burger.

One way of changing the way we feed the world is the way we farm. According to an article on BusinessWales.gov, Vertical Farms may become the new future of food production. Vertical farms can be done in an urban setting and do not rely on certain soils and other environmental factors. These types of farms are controlled by innovative lighting and nutrient delivery technologies. Vertical farms allow for faster, controlled production regardless of the season. One acre can of vertical farms is equivalent to 10-20 acres of conventional farming. With the droughts and wildfires in California, this could be the best option for the production of warm weather produce.

The changes needed to change the way we feed the world are bringing new opportunities. Stanford Business says that new technologies are bringing new kinds of food by way of gene editing, cellular agriculture, and lab-grown meat. With new irrigation systems farmers are able to have better control of the use of water and fertilizers. The new irrigation systems allow for less water use. These types of changes are amazing for two reasons, they provide food for our growing population and will provide career opportunities for us as well.

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