Should Military Women be Allowed in Combat?

Issue: Should Military Women be Allowed in Combat?

Background: From 1775-1917, women were only aloud to be laundresses, nurses, cooks, and part of administrations. Within the last two years of WWI women were finally permitted to join the military. During 1917 and 1918, around 23,000 women joined as nurses, translators, phone operators, and other support stuff.

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WWII (1939-1945) roughly 350,000 women were serving the same old jobs. However, some women were pilots, but were not aloud to fly in combat missions. In 1948, Congress passed the Armed Integration Act, which allowed women to get veterans benefits. It was not until the early 1990’s changes were made.  In 1994, the Department of Defense ended up banning women from serving in combat. In 2013, Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta had officially removed the act, women were and still are able to serve in combat.

Supporters say that history has shown women perform well in multiple areas, they will work well with others, and in different environments. When women are given the right training they will do well in combat.

Opponents say women lack physical ability and strength. During the obstacle course women are given more time than men. They also feel that women do not have the upper body strength to fly some of the planes.

Conclusion: Women in the Military should be aloud to fight in combat because they can complete the combat training. It has been proven that women can analyze and evaluate the situation. By having both men and women in combat allows the military to end a conflict more quickly.




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