First Impression Counts

 First impressions can make or break you in less than a second. People fail to realize that you only get one first impression, which can sometimes affect you for the rest of your life. The adage “The first impression is always the best,” tells you first impressions are always important and can a lot about a person. First impressions are very important and consist of three things: personal appearance, behavior, and body language. When going on a job interview you want to be fully prepared for your interview. The first thing you do is make sure your personal appearance is appropriate since you only get one chance to make a good impression. To make a good impression at a job interview you must make sure you look the part.

Your personal appearance is the first thing the employer sees. By wearing the appropriate clothing and carrying yourself professionally during the job interview, lets them know how serious you are about getting the job. Your behavior is also a factor when it comes to first impressions. You can learn many things about a person from their behavior. For instance, if a person is nervous at a job interview or meeting someone for the first time, their behavior tends to come off wrong in front of the person they are trying to impress. They intend to be someone they are not instead of just being themselves in front of people. The best way to be you is by going into the interview with confidence, good eye contact, and also very good body language. Body language is the last and most important part of a first impression. When it comes to the body language you want to make sure you have good posture and make good eye contact while being interviewed.

For example, when you take a seat you want to make sure you are sitting up straight and not slouching. When sitting up straight at your job interview you show that you are confident and interested. Another important body language is eye contact, it is important to make direct eye contact at a job interview. Eye contact also shows confidence and honesty. When you intend to make less eye contact it either indicates that you’re nervous or you have no interest in the interview. Making a good impression at a job interview is very important because, in the end, it determines if you get the job or not.

In conclusion, the first impression can be good or bad. A first impression is something everyone takes seriously or makes people think differently about someone. First impressions are not always a bad thing because it lets people get to see the real you. If people get to see the real you it would not take as long for them to open up to you. If they do not see the real you it may take longer for that person to accept you for you. To make a good first impression remember to relax and remember your personal appearance, behavior, and body language also makes your impression count.

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