My Impression from Eleonora by Edgar Poe

Romanticism Essay

In english class this semester we read a few romantic literaries, One that I enjoyed very much was Eleonora by Edgar Allan Poe. He was considered one of the most important influenced american writers of his time. I thought the meaning behind his short story Eleonora, is that itr’s OK to break a vow of eternal love and youth. This story is all about concern and is an emotional importance to the writer. The short story Eleonora is quite easy to comprehend. The writer tries to think back to past moments in his life. A very important time was when he related to the death of his beloved cousin Eleonora. Another time he relates with his marriage to Ermengarde, his heart break of fond memories.

In the beginning the writer remembers all the amazing times he spent with his cousin and first love Eleonora, whom he was about to marry before she passed. This was an important moment of heartfelt love, the writer promises to Eleonora that even after her death he would remain by her side. By giving a vow to remaining loyal to the memory of their love he wouldnt marry. and offered up a vow, to herself and to Heaven, that I would never bind myself in marriage to any daughter of Earth . (Poe) This ends one chapter of his life, with the vow and death of his great beloved Eleonora.

In the next stage of the writer’s life, having been distraught by the sadness of his life without his beloved Eleonora, the writer stumbles upon another daughter of earth Ermengarde. The writer experiences mental conflict when he fell under the charm of Ermengarde. He chose to break his promise to Eleonora. The writer expressed how he fell in love with Ermengarde and that he believed Eleonora was okay with his broken promise to love somebody else.

Edgar Allan Poe was an important author in his time. His short story of sad heartbreak that many could feel while reading. The author put his readers in his own shoes. He introduced us to his life in two scenes the first, when he lived in the Valley of the Many-Coloured Grass and the second when he lived in the city. Showing us his that sometimes it’s easy to find love but harder to fall out of love. Even after he moved on from Eleonora I believe because that he still dearly thought of Eleonora even when he found his second love Ermengarde

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