Different Kinds of Nonverbal Communication

There are many different kinds of nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication between people is communication through sending and receiving wordless clues. Some examples of nonverbal communication are body language, sign language, hand gestures, morse codes and many more. The most important type of nonverbal communication is body language. This is because people can understand your emotions better. All nonverbal communication is a way for people to communicate if they are deaf, blind or any other disabilities that may affect communication.

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“Different Kinds of Nonverbal Communication”

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There are different types of of nonverbal communication including braille, body language, American Sign Language (ASL) and morse code. They are all different from each other. Firstly, body language involves facial expressions, body posture and hand gestures. Secondly, there is American Sign Language, better known as ASL. ASL is its own language and its own grammar. They use more facial expression than people who can actually hear. Also, Braille is used by the visually impaired and blind. Braille is printed on an embossed paper where each cell has six dots that are raised so that you can feel them as you move your fingers across the page. Lastly, there is Morse Code. This is a way to send messages through or on a telegraph.

Nonverbal communication is important because it helps people who can’t communicate normally or properly. One example of why ASL is so important is that you can have a conversation with someone who is deaf. Otherwise, they would not be able to “talk” to anyone without a pen and paper. Braille is important to a blind or visually impaired person because without it, they wouldn’t be able to read at all without someone else doing it for them. Also, body language is needed in order to read a person’s emotions and it helps to understand what they are trying to say a little more. All types of different communication is very important for someone who is blind or deaf. It helps them to be more independent.

Sometimes, poor communication skills could lead to miscommunication or cause someone to misunderstand something. This could cause someone to take things the wrong way or think that they are being insulted which could lead to a person feeling upset and emotional. It is already very hard for people who are hard of hearing and/or blind so poor communication skills can end up in an emotional mess and very traumatizing for someone who cannot express themselves normally like everyone else.

Nonverbal communication helps to “talk” to people who are deaf or blind in order to help make things easier. Braille, Morse Code, ASL and body language help with this type of communication. They are all important in their own ways to many different people around the world who cannot express themselves normally. It is also very helpful for family members and friends of people who can’t verbally communicate easily or at all. It’s important to be patient with people who have these problems because they can become easily upset or frustrated when you can’t understand what they are trying to say. These types of nonverbal communications are the only thing that link people who can hear and see with those who don’t. It’s the only way to communicate with people who are blind and/or deaf which is very important. 

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