What is Beauty?

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What is Beauty? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder which means beauty can be define in many ways. In the world today, beauty is seen as a person physical appearance. People see beauty as long pretty hair, makeup, body size and shape. Society has re-imagined our meaning of beauty. As indicated by the Merriam Webster Dictionary, beauty is the characteristics in an individual, or a thing that offer joy to the mind or spirit. What individuals need to acknowledge is that the physical appearance is not the main thing that defines whether the person is beautiful or not. The primary sort of beauty that the majority know about is outer beauty. That implies the look of an individual. This is dealing with a person’s hair, skin and body shape. Most men prone to take a gander at the outer beauty before the inner beauty. Nowadays the first thing that catches a man eye from a woman is her face and her bottom. The media view beauty as a physical appearance. They show celebrities with the nice shape, pretty face and long hair like Nicki Minaj. The media believe physical appearance is everything. Now if you not beautiful or do not have a nice body it can be effortlessly changed through huge amount of courses, for instance, dressing up, makeup, or even corrective medical procedure. A woman who don’t like her dark or dull skin. She gets introduce to items that makes her skin ends up lighter. Suddenly, individuals believe she’s lovely, and she acquires trust in herself. This let you know that you cannot be yourself unless you are a different skin complexion. The second beauty is inner beauty. Inner beauty might be portrayed as something that is experienced through an individual character instead of by appearance. Which means being a good person. A person with a wonderful soul sparkle more splendid than lovely face with vacancy inside. You can’t see inner beauty, but you can feel it. Listening to music that contacts your heart and addresses your spirit. Your personality is one thing that you simply have complete management over like a person who is kind and minding to other people. A person with inner beauty comprehends, helps when help is required and trusts in probability when others see difficulty. It is how you act towards others, your personality, what’s within. I had a friend growing up that everybody wanted to date or talk to. My friend was a beautiful girl, but she was mean, arrogant and stuck up. She believes that she can get what she wants base off her looks. My old friend lost a lot of friends because of her attitude. My old friend learn that inner beauty is more important than physical appearance.

The possibility of beauty isn’t only a physical appearance of a person or object. Real beauty originates from the heart. Like Sophia Loren’s famous quote, “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” Inner beauty is about how we feel, and yet outer beauty is about what we look like. We know that a person looks can changed by putting on a makeup, dressing up or cosmetic surgery. Along these lines, inner and outer beauty can be found in terms of enduring, wellbeing, and cost. Beauty isn’t outwardly it’s within. Beauty depends on a person’s perspective. Inner beauty goes a long way because we know that it’s more important than outer beauty. Beauty isn’t tied in with hoping to look great yet to acknowledge the way god has made you. In most of all just be yourself. Beauty is confidence.

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