Effective Communication Happens Instinctively.

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The communication in this interview is effective as the medium of language is English that is spoken and understood all over the world. Effective communication is not only about the transformation of information but to understanding the intention behind the information as we can see in this interview both the interviewing are getting the points of each other whatever is being spoken. All listens are engaged in listening to the other and they are focusing on the points of the other. 

Even the gestures, postures of persons reinforce what is being said. It is effective in this sense that their body language does match with their spoken words. The smile on their faces and nodding of their heads show that it is effective communication. To emphasize on their words they are continuously using body language. In short, we can say that their body language, facial expression, body movements, gestures, eye contact, postures and tone of their voice all show that it is effective communication. Even the way they are sitting tells that it is effective and successful communication. The way Bill Gates is sitting shows that he does not have any attitude. They both have golden hearts and are considered phenomenal in their respective fields. 


In a nutshell, we can say that it is effective communication that has been taken place between the two persons who belong to two different countries. This particular interview is all about that what we can do for humanity this talk show definitely will develop the passion among common people to do something for humanity. It teaches us that charity really brings a remarkable change in any society. Their vocal is about the plight of downtrodden people. We can say that they are not only a cine hero but heroes in the real world. This communication will awake many rich people to come forefront and play their role to change society. Both the interviewer are known as advocates who have committed themselves to improve the circumstances and health conditions across the world. 

Their influential voice has helped to eradicate the health problems of children in every corner of the world. Their voices and work have massive appeal and help to create significant awareness about barriers to nutrition. Every year billions of people find way to transition out of poverty. Every individual has a unique power to reshape society. When we invest money on the health sector, it definitely has a ripple effect. It is not wrong to say that when the two energized people work on the same issue, they will do phenomenal things. American Microsoft founders even asks the other to spend half of their fortune on the downtrodden people. By improving the sanitation condition of the country, millions of lives can be saved. It will help to reduce the fatal disease that are spreading like a wildfire due to the poor sanitary system.

According to Bill Gates “money has no utility to me beyond a certain point. Its utility is entirely in building and organization and getting the resources out to the poorest in the world”

It is the right of everyone to have good health and productive life. This innovation can achieve distant goals. Microsoft founder always sought definite solutions to things. He is sitting with 52 years, Indian social activist and discussing the child nutrition issues. He actually wants to draw light on the deteriorating health condition of India and to combat the deadly diseases. On the other hand, the commendable work of Aamir khan has made him a renowned portent for social change. By his generosity and social work, he has proved that actors even can do wonders beyond their fields. They can bring grace to society and can play their role in nation-building.

In concluding remarks, this speech is motivational for us. It tells that one should work with passion and never compromise to achieve dreams. Both an American Microsoft founder and Indian social activist speak about the prevailing health issues in India. Government should talk the initiatives to improve the health condition for its residents. The crux of both of speeches is to work for the betterment of underprivileged people. They have the wish to spend money and time with downtrodden people and increase their base understanding of day-to-day problems of the underprivileged communities and try to resolve them from ground zero. We can see that both are showing generosity on a staggering scale.  

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