Feelings of Inadequacy in Children

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There are also several variables that can have an effect in addition to the nontraditional family type. This literature review is broken down into two sections: (a) nontraditional family type, and (b) variables. The family type section explains the problems that exist in the different types of nontraditional homes. The variable section goes into more detail about the different variables within these homes that can contribute to poor emotional health among children.

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“Feelings of Inadequacy in Children”

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The quality of parenting, parental resources and the overall environment seemed to play a more important role to the overall emotional wellbeing of the child versus the actual family type. If parents can co-parent, be consistent, communicate and are attentive to a child’s needs and feelings then they can help a child transition from different circumstances they never asked for. Small approaches to engage, validate a child’s feelings and to make sure they have feelings of belonging will help curve negative feelings. It is important to have regular family meetings where emotions can be discussed as well as giving children room to be themselves and adapt to the change of family structure and environment (Devine, 2017).

Blending families can bring on feelings of not belonging or feelings of inadequacy in children (Martin-Uzzi & Duval-Tsioles, 2013). They may not get along with their new step-parent or step-sibling which could have a daunting effect on their psychological wellbeing. They may not be accepting of their new position in their household and; furthermore, may be resentful towards their biological parent for remarrying or cohabiting. Having a new authority figure may be challenging, as well as, sharing space with new step-siblings. Attention and time may be restricted to the child as there are other people in the household that also require the biological parent’s attention and time. Single parent households may be limited financially which could mean a decrease in extracurricular activities or outings. Additional stress on parents can also put stress on a child.

It is imperative for parents to take things slow, allow children to grieve through divorce and seek professional help, so the child can learn how to cope with these new feelings. If parents think that children are resilient to so many changes, and they will eventually get used to it, then the lack of help and support could be detrimental to the health and emotions of that child. If children have the resources they need for emotional stability as a child, then this can lead to them being a mentally healthy and successful adult.

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