Do Divorces in Marriage Affect Children?

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The term divorce can be described as the separation of a man and woman legally. Divorce is caused by the disputes that may arise between the married couples. Do you believe in every 8 to 12 seconds someone somewhere receives a divorce? It is common in our society today to hear couples divorcing since they feel that they cannot continue with their marriages. Divorce is no longer a shocking event to hear since it is a common thing all over. However, when the married couples have kids, the divorce tends to be a big issue. Divorce is seen to be the most appropriate decision for the parents, but this is not always the best option for their children. Divorce contributes several negative physical impacts, social effects, emotional effects on the kids. All this effects tend to affect the children in their day to day life as well as their future. I think is very important for parents to be educated on the effects of the divorce n the young children and this will at least help them to minimize the possible problems that our kids may face.

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“Do Divorces in Marriage Affect Children?”

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  1. The reason why sources suggest that divorce in marriages affects children?
    • Any individual born and raised in the family where divorce has occurred to have a negative attitude towards marriage and a great positive insolence toward divorce. All undesirable feelings brought about by marriage seems to contribute less commitment to the existing relationships, which is in one way or the other it is connected to low relationships quality. The sources also indicate that divorce also upsets the sexual actions of the children thus compromising their stability in either relational manner or emotional
  2. The statistics to support why these sources have a feeling that divorce in marriages affects children.
    • The occurrences of the divorce in our society today has dramatically rise compared to history. The statistics show that the today’s rate of divorce has increased much higher as to compared to the rates of 1940’s. In the year 1941, the total numbers of divorce were 5260. After researching, in the year 2008, the number had increased to about 70,300. This was an increase of 1225%. The high rise in divorce rates has affected many children. An estimation of about 51% of the children is said to come from the destroyed homes. Majority of this kids are taken care off by the lovely mothers, when the divorce occurs in a family, about 87% of mothers take the custody of the children. The individuals who live in poverty have great chances of having psychological problems, affected emotionally and also social issues.
  3. How do divorces in marriage traumatize or affect children?
    • Most children are always traumatized by the occurrences of the divorce in many families. These kids tend to detach themselves from their parents since they no longer have any feeling or desire towards their parents.
    • The divorce interferes with the relations between the parents and the children, and this leads to lack of communication at all in either to one problem to both parents, and this leads to the struggle among the parents.
    • Divorces bring high possibilities for children to the victims by experiencing behaviour and mental challenges. Some of these kids become depressed for long periods.
  4. We as the parents what can we do to prevent divorce in marriages which tend to affect the children significantly?
    • To reduce the number of divorces that greatly affects children in many families. Parents are required to identify the appropriate time and venue to disclose to their kids about the idea of the separation. Both parents should be available while revealing this idea of divorce to avoid the abandonment feeling. When the parents feel that they cannot continue being in their marriages because it is not working they should tell their children as soon possible to create room for adjustment.


Sometimes our parents feel that they cannot solve the disputes that may arise among the couples whey go-ahead and separate. The incidence of the divorces has increased over the last 51 years. However, recently the numbers of divorces have decreased. Nevertheless, divorce occurrence is still a common thing in our society, and this means effects connected to divorce affects many children in several ways as follows: emotionally, socially physically and psychologically. In today’s life, it very important to learn and consider how divorce may impact the life’s of young kids before initiating the divorce process. The reason behind this is to limit the possible problems that may come with the divorce toward the kid, doing this will assist the kids to have a successful and happy life.

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