Family Autobiography

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The most precious thing a person has is his family. From it, we, like chicks, fly into the big world in order to find ourselves in our place in it. I love my family very much and am happy to be born among these wonderful people. They help in difficult times, rejoice with me and miss, my whole life is half of their life, we have a lot in common.

I have a big family, but we do not live together. I live with my mom, dad and younger brother. Grandparents live in a neighboring town, but we often visit them with or without reason.

My mom is a teacher. She works at school and teaches younger students. Here is her 15 year at school, and she still is not tired. Mom loves children very much and always tries to organize interesting lessons for them. I am surprised how she is not tired of picking interesting tasks for them, organizing fun holidays, various events. Sometimes graduates of past years come to my mother and I am so pleased that they give her flowers and thank her for the happy first years at school.

My dad is an engineer. He has always worked in the army. In his opinion, everyone should visit this place, because he believes that it is there that boys turn into men, receive a portion of courage, courage and courage. Of course, in the modern world, this is a very scary profession and my mother often asked him to change the type of work. But my dad is adamant! He does not change his mind. And he continues to faithfully serve his state. I'm proud of my dad!

My little brother is 4 years old. He goes to kindergarten. Sometimes I am angry with him, because he is forgiven a lot, a lot is allowed, sometimes we argue with him, and I should often remind myself that he is only 4 years old! I love him very much. I remember the day he was born. It was the happiest day of my life! Since then, I had the feeling that now new responsibilities and new responsibilities are opening up for me, because this little creature is trying to copy me in everything, to imitate my actions. We need to be a good example for younger brothers and sisters. We do not play very much together, but I am happy to do different creative work with the kid, we learn letters, numbers, and English.

My grandparents are the mainstay of our family. They are the elders among us, therefore, demand more respect. They are already very old, so we visit them more often than they visit us. In the summer my brother and I stay with them for several weeks. I really like to communicate with old people. They have so many interesting stories, so many funny stories. In the midst of conversations, sad ones also happen. Life used to be different, and the old people at our age did not have half of what we have. This is very upsetting, so I try to please them with various trinkets: I bring gifts, goodies, tell school stories.

That's what my family is like. I love everyone very much. In my opinion, a strong family makes a person happy. I don’t know how I would feel if I didn’t have a mom, dad, or a brother with grandparents. Everyone with him is my support and support. Of course, there are different moments when we quarrel, we have some misunderstandings, but these are all such trifles compared to the love that reigns in our family. I am pleased that everyone gets along very well with each other, that we do not lose contact with the older generation. We have many family traditions, we always get together in full force for New Year, Christmas, all birthdays. Such events unite loved ones, give the opportunity to rejoice together, to share pleasant emotions.

When I grow up, I will try to create the same strong family, as well as not to lose ties with the older members of the family: parents, grandmothers, grandfathers. We must take care of our relatives, because they are the only ones with us and there will never be others.

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